This is my own free earning guide website, see my earning states

Please check it again that this my own website not a referral link at all

The matter is that this is free hosting website and I have created by myself

Please justify, if you still think that it is wrong then reply me I'll delete this advertisement by my self. This not a referral link

its strange u r selling some digital objects there over free domain ???? i will pray for you my friend

I am new to web designing

so it is not a bad idea to start with a free domain and hosting

and I want to tell you that I'm earning from PTC sites that are mentioned in my site . $150 + a month really

And joining these sites is free

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and I want to tell you that I’m earning from PTC sites that are mentioned in my site . $150 + a month really

i dont think u get paid more than 150 by such site u might get stats which shows u have earned such amount but i think such websites dont pay beside that i will prefer if you have you good domain /hosting and u have some good content over there with good traffic and some referel links u can earn 200-300 ,just a suggestion

Thanks to give good suggestion

This is already my plane in future as I'm about to complete my studies

Actually on these sites you cannot earn so much by your own clicks only. You should have some active referrals and you get commission of their earning.

But you can still earn some money that can easily cover your DSL expenses.

And I have about 7 to 10 referrals on each site. I spend only about 1 hour to surf these sites by using DSL.

If I was a programmer then this PTC industry would be money tree for me, because your own ptc site is very good money generating site where you can get at least 5000 visitors a day easily

You asked me to show some states, so check my states

This snap is from last month

(I have verified Alertpay account)


ahh good to see that , keep it up bro but getting that after tons of clicks and spending good amount of time is a waste and as ur in 800*600 screen mode that would be a much toture for you :)

reseach the value of time and effort as online worker learn some skills like web development / designing etc and start making $500 -$600 with little effort.

Best Regards ,


I already mentioned that I have to spend about 1 hour to surf these sites because I use DSL. I surf 10 sites at a time and there are about 30 legit sites that really pay. And I surf sites when I do voice chatting with my friends.

Yes I want to earn $500 or more but I'm not a web developer/designer

I know the way you are asking to earn money. I am working on Google adsense but The promoting of the Adsense site require much of time and effort. If he do not have the SEO skills then it is very hard to get clicks on ads. And at any time Google can suspend your account.

One of my friend has been suspended by Google and he had $946 in his account.

well google sucks.. the earning rate is now really low as compared to previous years.

ptc sites r scam!!!!!

here is the proof...i m registered on

minimum payout is $10 and checkout takes 30 days for standard members....after earning

$10 dollars i tried to transfer them to alertpay on 28 january 2009...n still my staus is payment audit :P now fukin 40days passed n still in audit process :D chk following image


Remember that In every place of the world where money can be earn or exchange of money takes place, you can find scammers there. So your own argument proof that PTC is a place where money can be earn. I ask you to tell me any occupation or any place where scammers are not present?

So if you want to earn with PTC sites you should know which are scams sites and which are honest sites. You have to be updated by PTC forums and PTC communities. You mentioned BUX3, that is proved 100% scam 5 months ago in PTC communities.

I have all the sites that are popular and honest for a long time and paying me and many other people like me. Many of them are Aurora sites where you can earn $.15 per sign up offer and hundreds of offers are available of every sites for new members.

Check my avatar link for detail

"tex007 " i never recommended you adsense u know about referal programs ?

i tried Poker referal programs and its best referal program

like if you refer a user of your website to online casino or poker holdem room for every referel you can earn $100-100000 per month depending upon the quality and luck of your referal like you will get profit from every money your referal will spend there website...

beside that there are 1000's other referal programs.....

What is the payment method by these Casinos?

And if Gambling is taking place there, it is prohibited in Islam strictly.

have u got any payment?

Yes, you can Withdraw check from Alertpay once, your money is above $20 in your account.

The next check I'll received, I'll scan and show the snap here.

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What is the payment method by these Casinos?

And if Gambling is taking place there, it is prohibited in Islam strictly.


i am not very religious but i personally think it isnt a crime to recommend users a good poker or casino website .as you are only reffering them not paying them or getting paid through them , i will recommend you dont compare the internet world with islam or any other religion or there will be many conflicts with your daily acts and Islamic believes .

i personally love poker / bingo /etc etc and sometime play too…

they pay via cc , paypal ,alertpay ,or moneybookers and many other payment options...

Just one question ..How do you get money to pakistan via paypal or do you live somewhere else ?

i've made account on but my verification is stil pending.a month has gone that im w8ng 4 verification