Thinking of starting a Web Directory, suggest a domain

I am thinking of starting a web directory. With a few working websites already, getting it up and going wont be much of an issue.. Although a good domain name that isn't taken is a hard thing to come by.. Any suggestions from all of you would be great.

Thank you

What kind of web directory and how would it be better than the competitors? I ask this since a lot people start projects like these which are essentially failed even before they start, because there is someone bigger or better already out there.

well bro as being good i'll suggest you.. don't come in this mess. Running a web directory is not as such good idea. The returning user ratio is around 3/100, hard to get the rank and completion is too high. already there are million of directories exists on internet.

The most dirt thing in running a web directory is "approvel of links". You get daily around 100-120 links. most of them are spams or redirected links. so you have to manually check every link. which take alot of time. if you compare with any other project. earnings are too low as compared to working hours.

after all these things if you think you can run a web directory then best of luck.

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@sah : well what I had in mind was a normal web directory, the only thing different in it would be the fact that it would be linked by other websites I own and my friends own, that way it would have better reach, for directories I believe the reach is the main thing. However, some of the points slave made have me wondering if I should invest my time in it.

@slave : Thank you so much for your advise, I was hoping to hear from your side on this since you are already running a website directory. The reason I wanted to start a directory was to have a good site that is reliable enough like my tutorials site, to gather traffic at a proper rate on a daily basis. Since I have a hosting account with unlimited bandwidth, buying a domain doesn't cost much and I thought approving links wouldn't take much time, but the way you put it, it seems I will end up doing a lot of work, however, regarding the Spam, arent there any captcha images in the submit page? Its quite amazing there is so much spam in there. I also saw you aren't running any ads on it to gather revenue, have you ever done that? If so, what was the result? Any ideas on how to make my directory stand out, if I go ahead with the project?

Thanks for the domain idea, sounds nice, any other suggestions would be nice too :)

well, true to say. only SEO guys visits directories and you know the reason. so revenue is quite low. normally 1-2 USD per day which is really low. i don't want "KHAIRT" and google is already going down day by day which is also effecting webmaster's income.

if you think you can stop spamming through cpatch think once again. machines have become more intelligent ever before. Not as such hard to read cpatch for good machines,usually SEO guys use.

the only source of income for web directories is "Featured links". But for this you have to take your directory on high page rank "4-5 PR". Which gonna cost you alot.

why don't you start a project... Pakistan Address Book ?

Universities addresses and contact details..

Government sector. Famous factories. Malls. Offices.

but for this, you need a huge investment "to hire some guys for data entry etc" but i can assure you one thing, after a year or later you gonna make a real good income


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