Thermal Insulation of Roofs


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how many labors you hired and how much time they took?

I only hired 3 laborers for cleaning. Paid them 1500/- . Total time they took was 4 hours. Can be done by two laborers in Rs. 1000

Paint i did myself as it didn’t needed special skill. You an hire any laborer, pay him few buck and he will do the job.


Check another guy's attempt to heat proof sun roof using various methods. He used "Brilliant white enamel" and claims to cool down by 10 - 20 degrees.


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Check another guy’s attempt to heat proof sun roof using various methods. He used “Brilliant white enamel” and claims to cool down by 10 - 20 degrees.


good, ultimately he used white enamel. But how enamel performs in rain ? is it weather worthy like weather shield ?


from same article:

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Since enamel is also oil-based, it would also waterproof my roof, keeping it seepage free in the rainy months.


Also it rains very less in Karachi.


in my case i m getting these results with 1inch jumbolan and 3inch mud(brik tiles r not yet fixed)

temp oustside~43(shadow)45 in sunlite

room temp.32

20may at 3pm.


temp out side~37(shadow)41in sunlite

room temp:29

21may at 3pm



problem with white color is that it become dusty and loses it shine and brightness very quickly


very healthy discussion..

one more thing in my house we use ceiling we live in rented houses .. so now without any insulation etc my roof is very ho and ceiling fan is blowing very warm air down.. so if i apply those coats of paint as vazim did .. will the air of fan be cool ?

also one more big question .. how were the inside temps taken ? was any cooling system like fan etc on at the time the reading were taken .. if they were without fan on thne i think that with fan on the temp will be even low..

also as we live in rented houses so is there any such thingy so we can take it off and re use it at some other place when we shift house ?



This thread might prove helpful for folks in the upcoming summer season. :)


best thermal insulation is polystyrene foam tiles but sadly they are not available in Pakland



Depends on type of polystyrene and its density. Normal white EPS sheets are not good as a moisture barrier compared to more dense variants which are admittedly more expensive.


what other cheap options are available ? @Asad


Cheapest possible option for just thermal insulation during summer? White paint (shiny if possible) on roof and walls.

EPS, Polyurethane spray, high density foam are all comparatively expensive options. Mud layers add significant weight to structure/roof and foam of much less thickness can perform equally well. Tiles are also an option.

Go through this thread. Numerous options were discussed earlier.


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gallon of ICI primer is Rs. 1020 x 2 = 2200

gallon of ICI weather shield (5°C cooler) 1355 x 2 = Rs. 2710/-

kerosene oil - 4 litre = 420

5" brush= 160/-

metal brush x 3= 60/-

cleaning by labor = Rs. 1500/-

paint by myself.

Total 7000/-

area covered 750 sqft

still pretty cheap compared to other solutions.


Does walking on this new surface have any affect?


^ Yea, anyone whose done the paint method please do tell. I am considering doing this but my roof will have some mild foot traffic.


Dear bro Maliksaab


Referring to ur good reply to this also thinking to apply thermal insulation tiles for our roof top...can u pls guide me from where did u purchase those? price idea? Its coz I contacted one factory in Lahore and they were charging 65 ruppes per sqft ex factory....


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Sorry for delay. Heres my roof!


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Thank you for sharing your experience, as i can see this post is about 5 years old, so what do you say about this method, are you still benefiting from it? is it best solution?

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In summers roof of my house always gets very hot and impossible to sit in the upper lounge without 1.5 ton unit running at 24°C or below. I wanted to find a solution to cool down the roof. Lately I saw an ad of ICI weather shield stating it can bring down the temperature by 5°C. So I thought to do an experiment on the roof. To my amazement the end result was amazing and actually today I am sitting comfortably at the upper storey without AC while temperatures are :

inside : 33.7°C

Temperature outside: is 41.7°C (in shadow) & 43.5°C (in sunlight). (14th May 2011)

Difference: 7°C to 10°C

However, before the application, I did a recording of temperature, (probably 10 days)

Inside Lounge: 33°C

Outside: 38°C

Difference: 5°C

How I did this ?

The roof of my house is brick layered. I inspected and found it had lots of grime & dust. The only way to remove it was using metal wire brush. Here are the pictures of the roof before cleaning:


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thank you so much for your detailed post.

i am from Karachi, and we live in two story house, we are currently in upper section ie at first story and there is roof above it (no any thing built on roof). and it remains very hot in summer and i am planning to go for insulation.

will this be best option? because it requires to clean the roof surface more often to get optimal results which seems very tedious task and if one cleans the surface more often than there are chance to wipe out the color.

so you still feel this is best option?

are you still getting optimal results after 4 years?

looking forward.


i have shifted to a new house. but that house too has the same problem of roofs getting overheated in summers. in addition to the ceiling, one of my east facing walls is also getting fried. has anyone of you ever applied elastomer coating on the roofs or walls? which brands offer elastomer paint / coating in pakistan?


In Karachi we had tried a cheap solution. We painted/poured choona on the roof. Not only is it dirt cheap; it creates a bright white surface which reflects the sunlight back, thus reducing the heating of the roof slab. Before and after temp. measurements showed a reduction in inside temp of 1degC. On the roof one could walk comfortably barefooted which wasn’t possible without the choona coating.
The only downside is that it needs to be done every year.
Incidentally if you read the relevant HVAC literature on the Net you would find that more than 50% of heat ingress into the living space is through the roof. So it makes sense to take mitigation measures in that direction.



I had roof insulation done 10 years ago - one of the best investments I ever made. House is much cooler in summer and warmer in winter. No noticeable difference in temperature of ground floor versus first floor versus before you could tell the difference climbing the stairs. Can sit on first floor even without fan in summer.

Method used was to lay plastic polythene liner, then lay 2" thick 30 kg/m3 styrofoam (Thermopore), then cover with 3" thick lightly reinforced concrete screed.


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