The worst game you've ever played

The worst game i've played is Pepsiman.

Whats yours?

Han! Pepsiman! it was kind of funny game but not worst in my opinion. my worst experience was CSI:NY.

My worst game was Lost.. The Lost game based on the TV series. it was a pretty lame game

Sega genesis:

Strider 2

All batman games


Fantastic four

Fighting Force series


None as I avoided them by reading reviews


C grade FPS shooters

All Bruce Lee games

The worst game I have played (and trust me I have played many) was Big Rigs:Over the road racing. It really has to be seen to how sucky it is.

I Read Review before buying games......But Monster Hunter Freedom was really bad on psp...IMO

S.A.S Secure Tomorrow was a bore game for me...!