The Windows 8 thread


It's a laptop. XPS L702X.

i7-2760QM, 16GB DDR3, nVidia GT555M, Crucial M4 128GB SSD+Secondary Hard Drive, 17.3 1080p 3D display with nVidia 3D Vision Glasses, BD-RE Drive etc......

Spent a small fortune in 2011. Money best spent ever. :)


oh.. ok,, the your GPU is the reason for lower scores,, otherwise your lappy is to notch in specs.. :)


I need untouched Windows 8.1 iso file can someone help me with it?


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I need untouched Windows 8.1 iso file can someone help me with it?


check your inbox


[quote=“armada, post:343, topic:17693”]

I need untouched Windows 8.1 iso file can someone help me with it?


gull provided torrent, if from private tracker would be best option..

otherwise you can easily find any from any torrent site.. or from MSDN..


resumable iso file from MSDN server would be nice


^^^ that requires paid MSDN subscription :)

And i won't recommend a torrent unless i was sure that it is untouched.

I have downloaded the file and hash checked it vs the one on the MSDN and it matches.

So yeah i am sure it is untouched.


Facing a sudden weird problem with windows 7 on my laptop.

When trying to input anything from keyboard, whatever is open in front of me hangs, be it the start menu, explorer, office etc...

Occurs randomly, once every few hours.

Using a prehactivated copy of SP1 with daz loader since 2011. In 3 years no problem with this copy. Installed on many laptops. But suddenly on my laptop it's giving problem.

I guess time to start from scratch. Downloading untouched "en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso" and will hash check it with the ISO on MSDN. If it's clean then install it and use KMS activation this time. Hope this problem goes away.

And if it does, time to retire the old copy.

On windows 8.1, no such problem. But this good old copy of 7 is suddenly gone angry with me. :)


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resumable iso file from MSDN server would be nice


See this buddy:



As of yesterday, mainstream support from microsoft ended for windows 7.


^ can it be problem for Microsoft customers in Pakistan


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^ can it be problem for Microsoft customers in Pakistan



it just means there will be much less number of annoying updates from microsoft in upcoming years for 7. :)


Only 6 years? XP had been on support for 8+ years :huh:

Same case with WIndows 8/ 8.1 too it seems :unsure:


XP got unusually long support because its successor Vista came out very late.


What customization tools you guys are using on 8.1?

I was using Oldnewexplorer which brings file explorer back to 7 like state, but explorer faces some reliability issues with this tool so i have quit using it trying to get use to default explorer style. :D

Currently have Classic Shell + 8gadgetpack + a small registry editing done to remove "Folders" from "This PC".

If anyone have done some customization, kindly do share the shot here.


doood, you are nailing it, for every crap "IMPROVEMENT"" MS made to 8, the explorer and start were the worst.. hate the folders view.. one of the major reasons to switch back. will definitly consult you next time i go 8.1 or i go Loco.


Had a go for a couple hours at Win8.1 on an i7 based touchscreen notebook in stock configuration. It was an interesting experience.

Even with the touchscreen, it was weird. Every small task seems to have been made more difficult and reshuffling of various Control Panel and navigation options seems to be a deliberate attempt at increasing that difficulty. There also appears to be a deliberate attempt at dumbing down the interface to the lowest common denominator of technical competence in its customer base. It's like there is a soccer ball 2 feet away which you have to kick but to do that, you have to run all the way around the stadium and come back and then kick the ball. :mellow:<_<

It is no wonder that productivity related concerns run amok in numerous reviews of this operating system. There was a lot of MS app bloatware. Constantly shifting between the touchscreen and the keyboard is distracting and not fluid/intuitive. The hermaphroditic behavior arising from Metro and Desktop interface disparities causes confusion. Maybe various mods related to the interface will help but I wasn't using any of them for now. Having the touchscreen helped immeasurably and the mere thought of anyone trying to use this environment without a touchscreen is wince-inducing.

I did like the new task manager, after I got past the dumbed down initial window. That is an improvement worth mentioning! :)

Thankfully, Win10 is around the corner and after this, I can only hope MS has finally got its act together. If not, MS will lose another big chunk of potential business from users looking to upgrade from WinXP and Win7.


^so i am not the only one with the exact same issues :)


In a nutshell, yes. But let me remind you, that these are annoyances at best and can be taken care of quite easily. Its best not to mess with the explorer as it would produce some undesirable effects on the OS functionality. StartisBack, however has been a blessing in disguise. After going legit, I've not had a single issue with it. By disabling charms, metro apps, start screen, it feels exactly like WIndows 7, with under the hood improvements. To be perfectly honest, and this is coming from a guy who hated windows 8 with all his guts, 7 felt laggy after using 8.1 for a few weeks.

The biggest gripe I have with 8.1/ 10 are the themes. MS could take a page from how Apple designs its UI. Its simple, yet elegant and really beautiful. The kindergarten cookie clutter look of 8/8.1 isn't really helping it portray the image it wants for its enterprise customers, or general consumers. Infact, I haven't seen a decent looking UI in ages on Windows since 7. This was the theme I used on windows 7, which further softens the overall UI, which is extremely pleasant and easy on the eyes.

I hope to see something similar in 10, but I'm not holding my breath for it :unsure:


As long as MS learns from its mistakes for 10 as they were in 8, like they did with vista for 7, and for xp after mellinium edition.....i will be a happy Windows 10 user.:)