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ok gyzz..

so i went there.. 8.1.. had a driver issue with vga card.. windows failed to install it first time. had to reinstall and ended up ith major scaling issues and fuzzy text boxes everywhere..gave it a good try.. it is trying way to much to satisfy a geek but it just became to complicated.. basic asks are first nowhere to be found, when they are, they require more clicks than windws95. . metro start is crap at first use but growns on.. even with startisback, i just gave up.. the scaling was just too horrible issue for me to work with.

back to 7.. and will remain with 7 till windows 10 SP1 comes out..

Ah well.. all in a days work..


^^^^^^^^ Used latest driver from manufacturer???

No VGA driver issue for me. On the contrary it doesn't even ask to restart when i install the driver on 8.1. It is installed and ready.

And on 7, well it first asks to install .net Framework 4 in order to continue installation :) and then also requires restart before driver starts working.

What scaling settings you tried? I guess scaling is supposed to be one of strong points of 8.1 compared to older versions.

No comments on metro :P

And yeah talking about 10SP1, try to get hold of latest 8.1 ISO and check. It might contain the fixes for your issue.

Microsoft just released updated ISO of 8.1 few days back which includes about a year long fixes integrated in it. Might as well call it 8.1 SP1.


i had the latest iso.. 8.1 with update..

always the latest driver.. do you really think i am such noob ? :) the omega 14.2, just this week.

the problem is not with desktops, its scaling of the text boxes like, continue with installation.. read EULA etc. only.. that happened cz 8.1 installed catalyst CC but not register the driver.. had to manually update driver from device manager, and that hell broke loose. that also happened on win 7 when i updated chrome.. chrome got all fooked up with fuzzy text.. thats a software problem with chrome and others as well.. new win 8 and chrome is ok.. went back to 7 and fresh install chrome is still ok..

Firefox has way better sharper text and zoom by default is very easy on the eyes. ..i have a 46 inch monitor.

also 8.1 has great scaling otherwise.. its basically meant for 4k displays as well.. so even basic default text is too large and good easy to read. that was just a software issue, but i couldnt be bothered to reinstall another windows and be at 8 win 7 was my only option.

8 has some great new stuff.. but it has managed to complicate the previous stuff which was already working great...task manager now looks like a nuclear launch program.

hopefully 10 will be as great as 7 was once.


^^^ love the task manager.

In case wanna have a look what's going on in the backgroung, it provides everything. :)

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I doubt its windows 8.1's fault. I've literally been upgrading drivers for my 760 without even uninstalling them and not even once have I had an issue.

Lately, AMD has been going downhill again. A couple of glaring issues really bring the experience down, despite having recently introduced a couple of new features. I have a feeling their implementation of DSR equivalent may have a hand in the issue you experienced on 8.1


Nope.. the amd drivers have been rock solid since last year i am using and upgrading all without any problems ever..

the problem was with win 8 only..i was using same driver on win 7.. due to awein keera, tried win 8.1, it didnot register the driver at first attempt. manually did so in device manager.. reinstalled 7 and used same driver and now its eve better than before since its a fresh install.. text every where is blade sharp..

this was the exact same copy of the driver used in all 3 scenarios.

probably a reinstall of windows 8.1 with sequenctially loading drivers in relevant order might have zero problems, i just coudnt be bothered with it.

overall, except the start, 8.1 looks very nice and faster than 7. jus that small things that were already perfect before had been messed with bad... grouping in my copmuter doesnot seperate the external drives by default. the folder list MUST MUST include favorites and libraries???? right click menu evrywhere has been fooked up/.


^^^^ you mean it should be like this :D

Same driver can show different behaviour in different OS.

I noted in windows 7, when i closed the lid, laptop display wasn't turning off. Thought might be some hardware fault as laptop is getting old now.

But in 8.1 using the same driver, it is working now.

post the full name of 8.1 ISO you used... ;)


Windows_8.1_Pro_X64_Activated.. and did a few window supdates as well for sucurity and performance updates.

dont remeber the build number.

it was just a driver issue.. due to re-install..just not into trying wn 8 till the next time my win 7 comes to hault :)

this fuzzy text problem exists in chrome whenever major version is updated.. only happens to chrome every other browser and windows works fine


There's your problem. You don't need an activated windows build. Just get an untouched ISO off ipt. Install and then use kms activator to activate without modifying or touching any files whatsoever. Works like a charm. And believe it or not, it does grow on you once you take care of glaring issues that I had in NY first initial run. Took care of them and couldn't be happier ever since.


Yep man, Windows 8 is like that escort which you don't quite like at first, but after a while you can't get enough of her. (wait, did i just summarize Pretty Woman?)

My first time with it was also pretty unappealing, but i kept experimenting with it every once in a while and it grew on me. Now, i can't settle for Windows 7 anymore. 8.1 has totally taken my priority of OS.

The same thing happened with jDk, if you go back on this thread you'll see him hating on it, and then later his approval starts changing and now as you can clearly see, he quite likes it.

So yeah, give Win 8.1 some time to grow on you, keep using it for a while (with or without StartIsBack depending on your opinion on the Metro UI). Your opinion may change.


^ Omg it looks like we got Charlie Sheen over here :lol:


Latest ISO for 8.1 with Update 3 Enterprise x64 English


You can get it from MSDN if you have the subscription :P

Else make sure you get this ISO in untouched form (by whatever means) and activate it yourself via kms solution as jDk mentioned. It's the safer way to ensure you have a clean copy.


in previous pages, you can see i have been a supporter of 8 from long ime..i really did like plenty of stuff in 8... it has large text, fonts, features, improvements..went back to 7 due to new hdd some months ago..this was a late attempt at 8.1... takes longer to boot though.. tried the rapid start, still took long... 8gb ram with ssd you cant get any faster on average... also somethings didnt need fixing.. WTH is THIS PC?? stupid ass microsoft..

its actually pretty.. and i also started to like the new start just before reverting back to 7.. if it wasnt for the scaling fuzzy text i would have stayed..

as i said before its not a windows iso issue, neither the driver issue.. it was just a mishap of the driver not being registered on 1st attempt..every other driver went fine.. usb 3 support out of box.. even dead old creative drivers from last year worked fine... i will definitly try to go back to 8 whenever i do the next install ..whenever..and will stick to new start since it will grow on me too..

we shall soon be a big happy windows 8.1 family again :)


With SSD, rapid start isn't really needed. And i keep it off anyway as i don't want it writing huge amounts to SSD every time i shutdown computer.

Also i feel more comfortable with old fashioned "True" start up from scratch.

And yeah with 8.1, USB3.0 and wifi (Intel N-1030) work natively. So two less drivers to install for me. :)


^ the problem is that the Windows rapid start (NOT to be confused with intel rapid start technology) works only when you shut down and the start pc.. simple restart will not provide any boost from shut down menu.. it has to be total power off.. which practically defeats the purpose.. and wasnt fast enough for me anyways :(

if ayone has tried (using the H87 chip and above,) Intel Rapid start together with Windows quick start with a Usb 3 flash drive for Ready boost and any modern SSD.. please post how many micro seconds does it take to boot up :D


Windows 8 oh boy.

reasons why it sucks:

Completely removed start menu, after so many years it was same from ( win 95 ), the Metro style sucks too, it seems like they made that windows completely for touch based devices.


use startisback.. and it will be back to 7 style


[quote=“MrKamran, post:336, topic:17693”]

Windows 8 oh boy.

reasons why it sucks:

Completely removed start menu, after so many years it was same from ( win 95 ), the Metro style sucks too, it seems like they made that windows completely for touch based devices.


Microsoft thinks everybody is super rich and expects you to throw out your PCs and start using Surface pro for everything. :)


In case you wonder how your system would rate on WEI on 8.1, you can check it with a small utility.

As it is removed from system properties in 8.1 .


Whats your actual hardware?