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From windows 8 to 8.1 to 8.1.1, i have installed all three major versions and used as my main OS for about a week or two but i end up back at windows 7 after that. :) And appreciate the 7 even more every time.

-I still don't get what microsoft is trying to do with those apps. They just make OS messy and i never use them. So i loose the cleaner feel of windows 7 here.

-Aero is gone because it's "resource hungry" now. What about back in 2007 when vista came out?? These days most PCs are more than capable of running Aero anyway so it's very lame excuse to take it out.

-"Devices and Drives" are together in My Computer (This PC) now which is a big mess. Windows 7's separate groups for "Hard Drives" and "Devices with removeable storage" is much more organized way to group.

-"Details Pane" is moved from bottom to right side. Another mess up. It takes up your precious work space now. While in bottom it doesn't get in your way.

-Ribbon interface is also not necessarily an improvement over 7's style. It occupies space if you keep it visible and if you keep it minimized, you'll need to deal with more clicks to get the job done.

-There are talks about under the hood improvements. But on my PC , 7 feels just as fast as 8 or may be even a little faster at times. So those improvements aren't doing much here either. It just feels like 7 makes better use of my hardware.

-Don't wanna get into security debate. Windows 7 still have lots of support years left so it's a non issue.

So basically i am back to 7 again and "8.1.1" is sitting in my "Vmware Workstation 10.0.2" to keep myself in touch with Microsoft's Vision. :)

Edit: And yeah two things i love about Windows 8 are its new Task Manager, and Copy/Paste interface with advanced options.


^ You nailed it my friend. Bravo :)


A quick edit: aero isn't gone in W8 - it's just more toned down. There still is transparency and all.

And in my experience, I found W8 to be a bit faster than W7 - but my soundcard drivers crashed it more often than not.

The rest? I'll say this then and I'll say it now: W8 wasn't really thought of desktop machines. They tried to "fix" it for desktops but it now feels schizophrenic. I can't say about 8.1 since I haven't tried it - but read that it's an improvement.


Whenever you tried to shift to new version at first it feels a bit weird but with the passage of time we become used to of that and forget about previous version.


[quote=“, post:264, topic:17693”]

Whenever you tried to shift to new version at first it feels a bit weird but with the passage of time we become used to of that and forget about previous version.


Poetic justice... +1


I usually tell people to remember the four corners of the screen. That’s the best advice I can give.

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or Chaar Nukkars :lol:


[quote=“, post:264, topic:17693”]

Whenever you tried to shift to new version at first it feels a bit weird but with the passage of time we become used to of that and forget about previous version.


Felt no such thing when moved from 98 to XP, XP to Vista and Vista to 7. :)

Anyway, anybody noticed that windows 8 takes up lot less space than 7.

When i am done setting up windows 7 it occupies 45GB, while windows 8 just takes 25GB when set up the exact same way. Something a SSD user would appreciate much.

My first initial impressions after installing Windows 8.1 on my Lenovo G580 (3rd Gen i5 blah blah blah).
1. My track-pad on the laptop isn't working properly as it should. Even though Lenovo offers drivers for both Elan-tech & Synaptic versions of track-pads, none of them work. As a result, I have to do the page scrolling the hard way. Half-baked drivers at their best for an OS that's at least 2 years old. Figures <_<
2. The lovely Metro UI. I guess my hatred for this abomination on the desktop needs no introduction. Still, I decided to give it one more chance given how many people sings praises about how easy it is to use.

3. Whoever decided full-screen apps on a desktop are the best thing since sliced bread, deserves to be shot in their nut-sack till there's nothing left but mince meat :wacko:. The full screen apps make sense on the phone, but on the desktop, who are you #$%^%$# kidding Microsoft :blink: ???

First example:

If there's a way to make this stupid bar at the bottom disappear, so as not to obstruct half the #$%^%$# screen, I'm more than happy to hear about it :lol:

More detailed impressions incoming as I delve deeper into the OS.


Thanks to some special help from Upsilon, I've finally managed to almost completely eradicate Metro from the OS. Uninstalled all metro apps (since I never used them and can never stand up to their desktop counterparts). Installed StartisBack (Thanks Upsilon), which single-handedly solved 99% of my grievances with Windows 8.1. Now my 8.1 looks and functions exactly like 7, with under the hood improvements and refinements to boot. There are still some remnants of the metro UI here and there, for which I have no clue how to get rid of them. One of them when I click on the network icon in the taskbar, this ugly blue menu pops up. I wish to disable this blue menu as well and would prefer to get back the old 7 styled network access. Anyway I can do that ?

Overall, after getting rid of all the Metro annoyances, I have to admit, its has grown on me, atleast on the laptop. Boot and shutdown times are noticeably faster (on the laptop which has a 5,400 RPM hard drive). Can't wait to try it on my gaming PC next, but I'm a bit concerned about intermittent game issues that are prevalent on Windows 8/ 8.1. I'd need some real-life feedback regarding gaming performance on Windows 8.1 before I make the switch on the desktop as well.


The network side-menu isn't blue, it's the color you choose for the metro background (you can change it by going to metro>settings>personalize). Personally i find it much sleeker than the classic style, especially for Wifi management... Anyways, i do not know a way to change that unfortunately, so hopefully someone else can help you with that.

As far as the gaming issues are concerned, I'm happy to let you know that most last-gen AAA games have been patched to work on Windows 8/8.1. Personally I've hardly encountered a familiar game which i couldn't get to work on Windows 8/8.1 with a little bit of tweaking or patching at most.

I couldn't get to run Max Payne 1 & 2 though, but I've recently found some fixes on the Internet and I'm going to retry playing them now.

If you can't run some specific game on it, then do let me know, maybe I'd know a fix for that game too...


Upsilon help me out, i purchased acer laptop few months ago, i installed clean fully format win 7 after second day of its purchase, and recovery partition was wiped out.... Please now tell me how i can get genuine Windows 8 back, or how to bring it back to ots factory settings... I looked up at acer support website and there i found nothing regarding this so now you are the last hope i am's Acer E series 572 :(



Upsilon is by far the most helpful forum member here when it comes to internet issues and gaming solutions and torrents

Kudos to you man.. you always help everyone in need :)


^ You're giving me too much credit... but thank you. ^_^

@armada I suggest that you make a new thread for that. I'm not much familiar with the issue you're facing so you're better off asking others for help.

Though if you want, i can link you to pirated windows 8.1 which would work and update just like legit windows...


When i need help no one does :( and they says make your own thread :(


^ lol, are you serious? If you make a thread you're more likely to get answered by someone rather than if you ask for help inside a pre-existing thread.

If the laptop is in warranty then you should probably try claiming that...


No I'm kidding, i looked up everywhere no way i can get genuine Windows 8 back /with factory settings, now i think i have to go with pirated, so guide me how to get one i need clean with no modification at all plus it updates like genuine, it'll be very helpful


^ Check PM! ;)


You got link to any 8.1 with update 1 64bit? i downloaded a few versions.. havent tried any since 7 is working wonderfully.. may try next time i need to install windows..

which ever is self activated and updates.


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