The UPS Thread

found this while searching for my own info, thought someone else could benefit from it too.

its a calculator for, well, calculating the requirements for a ups.

nice thread, all those having UPS for PC only or for whole home should post their experience here

I wonder if mods would make it Sticky

...or to start, the mods can combine all the related threads into maybe this one? (as has been suggested earlier too)

I got a UPS in my house....but not for PC though....

I just wana know how you guys save your system from power may use stabilizers for voltage fluctuation but what about load shedding...when KESC cuts it it harmful to your system shuts down improperly due to power cut atleast 4 5 times daily these days.....

well you can use the UPS for the pc also :)

about the improper shutdowns harming your system, well if you are using a stabilizer. i read an article on it some time ago, it was a sort of 'false myths' type of article and the uthor concluded that as long as you allow the disk checks to proceed after these shutdowns, win xp is not affected as such. of course cant say about the hardware, some expert here may be able to shed light on that aspect.

i m using homage UPS at home but problem is that when the power get cut off it will restart the system in a memo seconds

i have asked some technicians they just told me u have to bring ur PC power supply to them they will change the transistor of the power supply that will solve the issue any one here do confirm that this can happen and there is no harm to my PC


yes it has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum that the desi PSU or power supply units of PCs do cause restart on switching from AC power to UPS.


can you please give the specs of your UPS and whether it is local made or branded? and which batteries you are using?

Asalam O Alaikum all

Could anyone tell me from where i can find Genuine APC UPS ES-650VA (not made in china) in karachi and what about its price. Also does anyone know about Deutsche power UPS(made in germany).

My pc Specs are following :

Pentium IV 2.3 GHz, 1256 Mhz Ram DDR, no graphix card, 160 GB hard disk, 21" Dell monitor CRT (Power consumption of monitor : 140 watt), Sony DVD rom combo.

Is 650 VA is suitable for this configuration.

Saad saleem