The reason members should know about roman urdu!

salam and first of all , first of all, again FIRST of ALL no offense :)

But members (including me) should know y it is not allowed to post in roman urdu ?

will give my comments later but 1st i need to know the view of the mods regarding this ?

all other members are welcome to post their opinion / comments etc .

Hope this topic will not b closed by mods :)

its difficult to read, because there is no particular rule for writing in roman urdu (FIRST OF ALL :P )

for example, i will write a statement in roman urdu,

or kia ho raha hai?

u can write the same thing with so many different spelling..

or kya ho raha he?

or kiya ho raha hey?

or keya ho raha he

or kea ho raha hay?

its difficult and confusing to read. so its better to write in tooti phooti english than write in roman urdu.

hope that cleared up.


next plz

well honestly i think this thread also deserves to be closed, since this is a rule of this forum(u should follow rules rather discussion on them ),it is an effort by mods to see their website in the top of search engines, and so that everyone from anywhere could take benefit.

Also my bro this is the time to globalize.....

also roman Urdu makes sometimes funny sentences like " Yar meri wire me problem ki waja se net Fast nahi chal raha"

And no offense is meant to u.

I honestly find it very annoying to read roman Urdu. It's like reading leetspeak. And most of tech stuff is in English, you can't really discuss this stuff in Urdu. Simple words like Web Browser, Messenger, Server, Computer, Mouse, Software etc. are not in Urdu. Forums become disorganized. Roman Urdu does not have specific spelling either, so the search feature would be pretty useless, and google would not give wiredpakistan and high spot on its search results.

English is a international language. nuff said.

then why they are allowing to post in URDU TEXT ?

read 2nd post.... common sense !!

^^ i m asking about the search engine thing !

and still if one is finding the text on google like

mera watan

then he will get the pure pakistan based websites.

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English is a international language. nuff said.

yes agreed .

but the problems / views / techs etc we discuss here are mostly (over 90 percent) are pakistan based , even the prices of the gadgets are based on pakistani market.

99 percent members are from pakistan here or i think 99.99 percent.

just think about those new comers (from villages / downtowns) and poor people those cant afford to have tht level of english to understand , then what they will do ? how they will use this forum ?

i like the name which is at the top of this screen

pakistan"i" tech forum ;)

instead of pakistan’s Tech forum :)

Language should be written in its original script. No one should make "pickle" of script and language.

Example: The original script of Urdu is Perso-Arabic, Its vocablary is taken from Arabic,Persian and turkic. Now when indians used urdu they use Devanāgarī script and take vocablary from Turkic, Persian and Sanskrit, Which makes it a "PICKLE". Writing Urdu in roman script is a total disgrace to the language.

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just think about those new comers (from villages / downtowns) and poor people those cant afford to have tht level of english to understand , then what they will do ? how they will use this forum ?

You should know writing in urdu is not prohibited here, so they can write in urdu if any one doesn't understand that high level of english .

but not all the posts are in pure URDU TEXT , nor one can write the pure urdu text always ! like in sms we can see we use so many words in roman urdu , like kub ao gay ? etc

well the main thing which one should consider that most of the good posts / technology / RND / etc are posted by the literate members and those all are in pure english . But the readers are not all proficient in english (just keep this FACT in mind) they need to know about technology and when thy willnot understand the english how come they will understand what is actually described in tht post !

just think on a MACRO level.

Nadeem i think you have gotten a sufficient amount of explanations. Let me try as well, hopefully it might sink in.

1. It's in WP rules to not post in Roman Urdu. Rules are rules. In a swimming pool "No Diving" means "No Diving" either abide by it or go to another pool.

2. Roman urdu is difficult to read and the meaning may be distorted.

3. This is an english language based forum with the exception of posting in urdu, using an urdu font.

An example maybe of DAWN news, it is an English based news channel. That's it. Either use it and listen to it, or switch to a channel that speaks another language, urdu, sindhi, punjabi etc.

Do you get the picture ?

Hopefully there won't be any rebuttals from you.

You have to understand that we are not the only ones viewing this forum. People with tech problems usually go to tech forums for answers. I came to know of this forum first when I had a virus problem almost a year ago. If we start writing in Roman Urdu, then we will be limiting our audience to Pakis only.

Hope you are satisfied. :rolleyes:

One of the member mentioned that mostly people here are frm pakistan and its a !@#$ forum so common sense is that mostly !@#$'s will join it and roman urdu must b allowed as every 1 cnt understand high standard english...

Upto the mods v are following the rule and if it changes or not we have 2 follow simple :-)

For those who can't understand 'High Standard English' there is an option for proper Urdu.

So if proper urdu is allowed ,then y not roman urdu?

Any gud reason?

^ read 2nd post


and copy paste the transliteration here! :)

I want 2 ask mods that y THEY have set such a rule i thnk they wud have a realy gud reason.....and they cn explain it wel rather than the regular members