The Real Hustle - Real Scams Demonstrations

I liked the show "The Real Hustle" series - A BBC Three program.

two men and one woman are really good in demonstrating it to you. that how the Hustlers scam and how can you protect yourselves. some of them you might also have been familiar with.

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The series itself has been accused of being fake, on occasion featuring Extras as the "innocent members of the public", and in portraying "scams" which are not technically possible, or which would be such a serious criminal offence (e.g. credit card fraud) that they could not be legitimately committed for the purposes of making an entertainment television programme. However these accusations have never been backed up with any evidence other than internet speculation.

A statement on some episodes suggests that all "victims" have been genuinely hoodwinked, but that any money lost is returned to them after filming. A statement on the BBC's website[2] is more specific, revealing that "The participants featured in The Real Hustle have either been set up by their family and friends or believe that they are participating in another television programme."


it is not actually published to watch outside the UK.

however you can find the full episodes on torrents.

watch a couple the videos.

ATM Scam

Laptop Theft Scam

bluetooth scam

The WiFi Scam

It could also be a discussion that what is really possible and what is not..... but to me it is interesting to watch...