The Mini Taj Mehel

Today at evening, i was at sea view (karachi), i had fun, but the most interesting thing for me was to watch this talented man make this mini Taj Mehel.




Nice huh, but unfortunately i was getting late & was not able to see this beautifull Taj Mehel in its complete form.

Anyway, i thought it was worth sharing so i did.





Nice and wonderful work there.

gr8 work

look at the tools he is using to make it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice post ultimate....


nice one, great talent . but that one looks more kinda Bhutto Thomb :D

Excellent piece of work!

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nice one, great talent . but that one looks more kinda Bhutto Thomb :D

Plz shut your #$%^%$# mouth close. In each and every case your Bhutto Dilema arises. To hell with your Bhuttos.

Hmmmmmmm Nice ........

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Did you ask them what they were making?


FOA, its him not them, the other person in the picture was just asking him some questions. Secondly Yes i asked him, he said he’s making the Taj Mehel.

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Which camera did you use?

Cellphone’s Camera.

These are the only questions i asked him:

Your name?

No answer

What are you making?

His answer: Taj Mehel

Why are you making it?

His answer: “I want to show my talent”

Off-topic: @Ultimate: What's up with your new obscene sig? Are you learning French?

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Off-topic: @Ultimate: What’s up with your new obscene sig? Are you learning French?

I know some french & i posted that as my signature for fun, after all nobody else here knows french.

Anyway i’ve changed it. It was offensive afterall.

^Please stop your Bhuttos from Wired Pakistan's discussions. Most of the forum members go for vomiting after listening such so-called shaheeds. If you are pro to them then keep it to yourself, as we don't have any love or respect for them.


relax..... you are showing some extra hate. while he answered well and in pretty light mood.

dont make it political any way

come up with a point.....

edit: look below post. that is the point

and I think the developers of the Tomb must forgot to put the Long Minars at four corners while they were trying to copy Taj Mehel or may be short of expenses or may be poor management or may be :rolleyes:

and also some other differences are obvious in below

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no Sir actually i am saying like if you observe both like heres Bhutto Tomb :


and heres Taj mehal :


i think structure reassemble more to Bhutto tomb , it will be good if ultimate can verify if builder was knowing that he is building taj Mehal or Bhutto Tomb


I respectfully disagree.