The Italian man who went to Malta

this one cool too....



The you tube videos about ACHMED and AHMED & SALIM were basically made by Jew producer, their idea was mocking the Islamic concept and Muslims psychological views.

I come to know about them an year ago, and enjoyed the sense of humor, but honestly speaking didn;t like the name AHMED.

Its the most common name of our Prophet PBUH after Mohammad.

The producer could have adopted another name, but keeping AHMED and making more shows under this name is not a good ideology.

I am not against any religion or its views or ideology, but didn;t like the idea of using the 2nd most common male name in Muslim world.

Italian man was gud. But didn't liked the other ones really! No! No! No! this ain't right. We should be ashamed of being muslims if this is humor for us......!!!!! I am Really disappointed =(

lol.....really made me man keep up the good work