The Great NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest – Free Domain and Hosting


The Great NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest – Free Domain and Hosting Giveaway

December 1 to 25, three domains given away every hour!

NameCheap has always relied on word-of-mouth for marketing, so it’s no wonder we love social media tools like Twitter that allow people to easily spread the word.

Email Forwarding First of all, what is Twitter?

Twitter is a service for people to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? This can sound pretty mundane, but you can learn more about how it can be useful by watching this video called, “Twitter in Plain English” or read a post by here.

So, What’s the offer?

We’ve decided we can use Twitter to better keep up with our clients. To kick off our presence on Twitter, we are giving away $17,000 worth of domain and domain transfers in our “The Great NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest”.

How to participate?

Participation is very simple.

Signup on twitter ( and follow us. We will be posting a trivia question every hour on the hour starting 1st Dec 08 till 25th Dec on twitter. Three people who reply to the tweet with the correct answer will get a $9.69 credit to their NameCheap account. Simple, isn’t it :)

Here’s an example:

1) NameCheap will send out a message in twitter that says, “What jolly man gives toys to boys and girls for Christmas?”

2) You can then send a message back that says “@namecheap Santa Claus”.

The @ symbol puts it to our attention. If you the first to answer correctly, we will send $9.69 for a new domain or renewal directly into your NameCheap account. Two others chosen at random will win domains as well.

How to redeem?

The first person to reply to the tweet with the correct answer will receive $9.69 credit to their NameCheap account. Two other domain winners will be picked at random, so don’t give up if you aren’t first. We will announce the winners and answers on Twitter. To claim the credit, you should link your NameCheap account to your twitter account and it is simple.

* Login to your NameCheap Account (if you don’t have a NameCheap account, you can simply create one at — no credit card necessary)

* After you login, go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Manage Profile’ and then choose ‘Twitter Integeration’ link on the left (

* Enter your twitter username and click ‘Verify’

* A short code will be sent from NameCheap to your twitter account using a direct message (a message that no one else other than you could see). Note: Unless you follow us we will not be able to send you that code.

* Enter the code on the confirmation page and you are all set with linking the accounts.

* Once linked, you will see a credit on your NameCheap account within few hours after your winning. Enjoy!


* To avoid having only a few people participate who game the contest, each contestant can win only one domain per day. (But, there is an incentive to keep participating, read more :))

Keep playing for the iPod nano!

You can’t wrap up a domain name and give it to someone else for the holidays. That’s why NameCheap is offering 3 iPods to the people who answer the most questions correctly. This does not require you to be one of the first to answer and you can answer as many questions every day in order to add to your tally of correct answers. We will post these winners in our blog after the contest is over. Be sure to keep playing until the 25 days are over and answering as much as you can for your chance to get your hand on an iPod nano.

Happy Holidays from everyone at NameCheap! and Follow us on Twitter!

The Great NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest – Free Domain and Hosting Giveaway