The Flagship Phones Thread


LG V30 design language is a copy of S8/S8+ from the front.


There isn’t many ways to differentiate the front of a “bezel-less” phone… So i don’t think the term copy is appropriate to use here. The back of the phone is different enough, and that’s all that matters.


Have a look at Mi Mix 2 images. The design is different. There are always ways available to differentiate if enough effort and resources are put in. LG didn’t.


So the Google Pixel 2 & Pixel XL 2 are officially announced…

They still have the bland design of the first Pixels. Headphone jack is gone. They’ve caught up in some things the first Pixels should’ve had in the first place. Overall nothing to really care about. I do dig the front firing stereo speakers though. It’s a rarity to see them these days. That’s about it.




So the S9 is pretty much a refined S8… Still, the camera improvements are commendable.


Boring… Incremental progress… or even less than that. Those who can pick up the S8 variants on the cheap should do so.


completely agree with you. they make something new without adding anything just extra money, for steroids.


We have 3 new iPhones this year.

  1. A cheaper iPhone X with low-res LCD display & single cam
  2. iPhone X sequel with new SoC & nothing else
  3. iPhone X sequel’s over-sized version

In short, nothing worth discussion.


IMHO, Apple is still stuck in yester-years as far as features go.