The £7 laptop that wasn’t


The £7 laptop that wasn’t

From the start, it sounded too good to be true. A laptop for just 500 rupees (£7). Officials were adamant. The 10in by 5in hand-held device had been touted as a solution to helping hundreds of thousands of students across India to access the Internet. “Once the testing is over, the computers will be made available on a commercial basis,” proclaimed the Indian government’s Higher Education Secretary, RP Agrawal. “The target is to make it available in six months’ time.” In the end it was no such thing. The device unveiled this week was merely a specialised digital storage unit. It would be able to store specially produced educational materials, which could then be downloaded and printed from a regular computer. The much touted £7 laptop it most certainly was not. No one from Mr Agrawal’s ministry was available for comment, as a disappointed The Times of India called the launch a “damp squib”.



Comments: Indians and their fake hype regarding just about everything. Shameful...

So what is the details of its configuration ?

hmmmm India didn't go for 100$ laptop project in the 1st place saying that 100$ are too much for their students to pay and decided make their own £7 laptop. well i guess its out of window now.

hahah.. failures!

it looks like a USB with a calculator display!

I even read the news in daily Jung and was surprised that "man India will provide laptops for 500 rs."

Atleast students will have a bigger calculator this way :D

i could not find any pic of the so called laptop..

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