Text Compressor?


I need a software for text compressing!!!Actually I have downloaded a novel which I want to get prined in compact form...It has 600 pages and i ll get their print-outs from university who are charging 2 R.s/page...

So tell me any software for compressing the text..I need the print-outs for rough read..

The requirement is just the text can be comprehended quite easily!!!

So help me out!!!


do it manually. :D


^yup lower the font size


Most printers have an option "Pages per sheet". I think that can help you in what you are trying to do. It prints more than 1 page on a single paper sheet by reducing the print size and works with all documents, even non editable ones (like pdf etc) so you do not need to reformat the document.

If the printer does not have this option, try Fineprint.


^make sure its readable after that


^yeah of course!!!!It must be readable afterall..

I am thinking of printing 8 pages per page!!!The pages of my novel are 600!!!


make font size small.....times new roman wid a font size of 8 is readable :lol:


@ dogarsahab

[solution 1] (I never tried this option):

If you google then you may find some program to convert text into LEET. But that doesn't mean that you are going to save any space. If it has options then it may convert "YOU" into "U" but consider how many "YOU" are supposed to be in that novel to substantially reduce its size from 600 pages? If after text conversion (compression) you still get 590 pages then it's not a saving.

[solution 2] (I have done this many times to read books and reports):

* Take all text into Microsoft Word (or any other word processor).

* Remove header and footer space and gutter space (see options for Page and Print).

* Reduce Left and Right margin as much as you can.

* Just keep enough Left margin so that you can staple or join pages.

* Reduce line space

* Reduce font. However, I found that reducing font a lot will not give that much good results and it becomes really hard to read.

* As now I print mostly from my own printer, I usually print on the both of sides of paper, it reduces paper consumption 50% (means 300 papers will be used for 600 pages). But many commercial printer shops doesn't know how to do it or even if they do it they still charge you for 600 pages.

[solution 3] (Preferred solution. I am using it from last approx. 3 years):

* Buy electronic book reader. It's a standalone device that let you read electronic books while traveling. In year 2007 and 2008, new technology electronic books are in market. I just upgraded last year.

* I shall highly recommend you to use an electronic book reader, especially that is built using Electronic Paper technology.

* (E-Paper based) Sony has two products in market, Sony Reader and LibriƩ. Even Amazon has it's own product Amazon Kindlge.

* One time investment but only if you love reading. I read a lot especially when I am commuting. I don't waste my time looking-out, boring or texting.

Do tell us what becomes of your 600 page book? :)


^hmm.actually I dont like reading E-texts...I just want compact paper-book.u can say!!!!..

Yes,the option for printing on both sides of paper would be really great if the shop-wala agrees and he knows how to do it!!!

Waiay,u can tell how to print texts on both sides of paper!!!???/:|



* Manual (if your printer doesn't support Manual Duplex printing):

In Microsoft Word, when you select File -> Print, it gives you a dialog box for settings before you print the document. In these settings, there is an option "Print" with default value "All pages in range". First, you'll change this option to "Odd pages" and print all odd number pages (1, 3, 5...599). After printing, you shall feed all printed pages back to printer for printing to other side of paper (be careful not to feed same side of paper again). This time, if you haven't changed any order of page, you'll select "Even pages" and click on "Options..." button and put check-mark to "Reverse print order". This will print even number pages but in reverse order (600, 588, 586...2).

Caution If you don't pay attention then it is very easy to ruin printing on both sides of paper. Common mistakes are wrong feeding to printer (I have done that) and printing on same side again (I have done that too). Or not calculating printing order and wrong page order will be printed (Once, I have done that on legal papers :D ).

* Manual Duplex PrintingIf your printer supports manual duplex printing:

In Print dialog box, select "Manual Duplex". Microsoft Word will print Odd number of pages then it will tell you to flip all pages and will print Even numbers. Still be careful not to ruin page order or printing on same side again (I have ruin even in this method too).

* Automatic Duplex Printing

If you have a printer that supports duplex printing (printing on both sides of paper) then it makes life much easier and less mistakes. In Print dialog box or Printer's properties, there will be an option like automatic duplex, or print on both sides of the paper, or duplex printing, or two-sided printing, then it means your printer allow duplex printing. Text of options will vary depending on your printer.

Consult your printer manual to confirm whether your printer supports automatic duplex printing or manual.

It is very easy to ruin stack of 300 pages. I have ruin printing many times and learned from my mistakes. That's why I didn't mentioned it in my first post. :)

By the way, e-paper based e-book reader are not that bad. They don't have LCD screen but e-paper technology. E-paper doesn't have refresh-rate like LCD or CRT thus it's almost like reading a paper. Alas, prejudice thinking that e-paper book reader is not good is common within us. But of course, it's personal choice :)

Good luck!


This is not a RANT. Shove it!