Terrorism News/Incidents in Pakistan


Dear deffury you raised a very good point


blast in peshawar near session court 5 killed


Damn... :(


2 Blasts at Moon Market Near National bank Dubai Chowk Iqbal town Lahore, Several injured.


4 blasts in a day.... Twin blasts in lahore market

first peshawar then quetta now lahore


Twin blasts in Lahore have injured several people, some of them seriously, at Moon market in Iqbal Town

25 injured shifted to shaikh zaid hospital


The previous year blast at Moon Market was few steps away from today's crime scene. The Iqbal Town Police office is also few steps away on the opposite side of the road and there are also Temporary police barriers on the road at different spots, but police didn't cordon off the area until 15 minutes of blast.


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2 Blasts at Moon Market Near National bank Dubai Chowk Iqbal town Lahore, Several injured.

24 ppl died, over100 injured in these blasts :( :frowning:

souce: geo news


that was very terrible ,,,, :( :( they started to hit markets :(


mumtaz! our job is to identify 'they' and the forces acting behind them. then we must come out of our houses and start a strong protest so that our vociferation could reach to the cruel rulers. dont u see how the nations' power once succeded during long march. and it was only the nation who forced govt to restore judges. now,again we need the same spirit. we must force our govt to throw american beasts out of the country and fullfil our money needs from within the country resources....... May ALLAH protect us all from wicked acts like the one in lahore and many other cities. Aamen


Blast in low-profiled city Multan in cantt area. Althouh cantt area is about 3 km from my place, it shook me completely. now i have realized how horrifying it is.


Blasts after heavy firing at Qasim Baila - Multan , Several injured.


Casualties feared in Multan twin blasts[geo.tv]

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Updated at: 1223 PST, Tuesday, December 08, 2009

MULTAN: Casualties are feared in the twin blasts in Qasim Bela area of Multan Cantt near a building of a sensitive agency, Geo News reported Tuesday.

Rescue teams including 1122, police and other relief teams arrived on the spot. Police put security cordon around the whole area of blast site.

The injured are being shifted to the nearby hospitals including Nishtar Hospital, Civil Hospital and CMH, where state of emergency has been declared.

According to Geo News correspondent, two bomb blasts occurred where casualties are feared. The blast was so powerful that the windowpanes of the nearby buildings were smashed to pieces.

The media is denied access to the blast site thanks to the sensitivity of the area.

It should be mentioned that the blast occurred in the constituency of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani.

According to an eyewitness, he was passing from the area when he heard a low-intensity blast followed by a massive explosion, adding the ISI building was more than half damaged as a result of bombings



pakistan is now worst than every country... even there is no terror attack in afghanistan from last month


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pakistan is now worst than every country… even there is no terror attack in afghanistan from last month

I vehemently disagree.

The day we unite against terrorism as a nation, there will be no suicide bombings anymore.


yes. im sure this would come to an end. one thng i wana tel u that today in our class,one of our fellows went to the stage and tried to express his feelngs as he lost his cousin in yesterday lahore blast. He requested students to be united.....But unfortunatly no one listened to him. Some said,this is not a place to discuss such issues and some others were in his favor. I was shocked that when a single class is not united on a stance, how can the whole nation be united.... O GOD HELP US.....!


What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?


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What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?

for now just think for our country


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What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?

A step taken today can make a better tommorow. We can prevent, by taking many precautionary steps like

1. Improving the education level.

2. Teaching how to express feelings.

3. Bringing all the human race to equal status without any differences.

4. Improving life standards of poor,No racism: no one should make different que if he is an asian/afro.

5. Quick justice and Justice for all.

6. The world should be bipolar not unipolar like today:in a sense that there should be two or more super powers who represent different people all over the world, unlike today one race of monkeys dominating over majority. Or htere should be none to dominate.

7. Every person in a state must be made clear that his life is reponsiblity of state and the state will protect him. A feeling of being safe on planet just like a person feeling safe at home.

8. Every one should know that other also do have right to live and Its GOD who will punish/bless for evil/good. (Don’t know what an athiest would think! :) )

9. time should be spent on betterment of humanity(medicaly and financly) rather than spending on weapons.

10. People should show respect to others religious beliefs( this is the major cause)

But on the other hand this is FATE of humanity. Because humans are only species which stock for tomorrow!

As for the Terrorists the only solution is bullet! Because they are corrupted minds without any ability to understand, they are only robots programmed to obey their master. And their master are using religion to corrupt these young souls. I read newspaper daily, there is a news of blast! I’m 21 not seen much in life But i know one thing that the life goes on, very much like usual. This is what those terrorists don’t want from us they want us to sit in our houses and die with fear.

They want us to obey them, obey their falsehood! Its the fear of extinction they face! Terror is the biggest tool used to make others obey even its fowl!


8 Mullahs including prominent figures in hospital for eating poisoned halwa

" Kaala sa bay zaiqa halva tha, humnay khaya aur tabyat kharab hugae " - Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman lol