Tennis Fans here?


27 year old fedrer made history. Now he is the only player who have won 6 grand slam tournaments in a row.


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Tennis fan here. :)

Big fan of Roger Federer. Although, I like Nadal too but Federer is my all time favorite. And I was hoping to see final of French Open between Nadal and Federer. Big event coming up in Wimbledon :)

Same here dude. I'm a fan of nadal too. Was looking forwad to watch their final. Unfortunately some he went out in 4th round.

But it would have more fun to watch both of them in final, just like last wimbledon.

Fedrer cant beat nadal on clay.

I am not a very big fan of tennis... but i do like to watch Ana Ivanovic play. :D


hmm..both Nadal and federer are the greatest players..I guess it is totally unfairto categorize them 1 or 2...

but nadal has got injuries now and it is difficult for him to win titles this year..

so roger go ahead...

I am not a very big fan of tennis... but i'd like to watch Sania Mirza Play.


^wtf no likes maria sherapova :P

Sania Mirza is nothing. Her ranking is something like 90+ or 100+. Bunch of losers including Pakistani Cricket Team. All the fame but no glory and no victory.

i like to watch TENIS..

especially Roger, nadal , roddick , sharapova , willaims

As far as Sania is concerned she sux in tenis i hate her...

Indo-Pak people just like her due to her.. u know ...

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As far as Sania is concerned she sux in tenis i hate her…

Indo-Pak people just like her due to her… u know …



you’re right, but what about Ana Ivanovic? dont you guys like her?

Oh absolutely. Which straight male doesn't like Ana Ivanovic? :P

But Sania, meh. Ain't fond of her.

Sania's rack is bigger than Ana Ivanovic, so she wins.! :lol:

Yet another tennis topic turning into sania mirza :/

Nobody is talking About Sareena Williams..........! :D

^ Guess no one's into niggers =P

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I am not a very big fan of tennis… but i do like to watch Ana Ivanovic play. :D



Holy #$%# man,

which channel do i need to switch to ?

Tennis is like my most favorite to-watch sport now :D

but yeah i have to admit, watched a few tennis matches just for the sake of Sania Mirza :P

yes,ivanovich is great..

but while talking about sania,we all must accept the fact that she qualifies for wimbledon and this is the matter of great honour in a region where there is no scope of tennis and no coaching but even then she has made it..

we must give credit to her...

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^ Guess no one’s into niggers =P

Only black skin people are allowed to use n* word. Otherwise, it is racist remark. Similarly, only Pakistanis are allowed to call each other !@#$ otherwise it is racist remark :D

don't waste your time on stupid crap sports get out from your home and play it your self LOLO

I am a very ardent fan of Federer and love his elegance,calmness on court.And yes,enjoyed every bit of when he won French Open and completed his set of Grand Slams.BTW,he is one of the six players now to have won Grand Slam on all four surfaces(or u could say has won all 4 Grand Slams).The first post isn't correct that he has won 6 consecutive Slams.He has won 3 consecutive slams many times though.