Telenor prepaid golden number for sell

salaam, i want to sell my telenor golden number,its on prepaid

here is number for sell 0346 50 100 83

i want to sell this number for price of 5000 rupees

plz contact me on 03468566650 if you are buyer,

lol its not golden dude, not even silver :D and for 5 thousands lol

Even not bronze :P

even not iron lulz

even not wooden, lewlz

even not plastic lol


even not "salt" but might be "water" (that cover 2/3 of world) :)

ROFL :lol:

lol, i feel like i'm on Digg

hahahahah , is that a golden number :D

I think its more appropriate to call it gold-plated number :P

lol @ Rs. 5000

Well i would call it a trash number. LMAO!

very funny

For Rs. 5000 I won't buy it even if it is made of 24-caret gold with 100-caret diamonds around it and on palladium stand with a touch of rubies on it and SIM is in Nokia Sapphire :P

Get serious guys. Enough fooling around. If you want to buy it (I won't :P ), only then post in the thread.

I am moving this thread to the relevant forum.

lol everyone ruined this thread in a worst way :D

btw whts golden in ur no? i guess ur sim is made up of pure gold....... isnt it? :P

its my number

which cat golden or platinum


Wanna cell ? :P

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

[/quote] :D

^^ Wanna Sell ??