Telenor Persona - Feedback needed


I reside in Lahore and Im currently using Zong, Im annoyed by Zong's service, signal drops very often and messages are not delivered on time.

Just analyzed Persona's new packages. I'm looking forward to port to Telenor Persona.Current users are requested to spare a few moments and give a feedback about its overall service and connectivity and whether there are better options available as compared to Persona.

My monthly bill seldom tops Rs. 500. I do 4-5000 messages/ month and tend to control useless calling.

Ill be extremely grateful to all the users who post replies to my query.



Ask anyone with a Telenor connection (it need not be postpaid only) and ask them for the service feedback.

The general view point (and I'm sure you've come across this statement) is that it's fine (Telenor, that is)

i am using telenor persona since long and found it best than others coz high speed internet/edge everywhere in pakistan and now telenor offering usefull add on for persona postpaid visit for further comparison with zong

i hope you will like . . .

Thanx janab

Ive ported my zong to Telenor Persona

It took only a few hours :) (but i lost Rs. 80 balance :( )

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Thanx janab

Ive ported my zong to Telenor Persona

It took only a few hours :) (but i lost Rs. 80 balance :( )


leave it 80 rs balance now you will be happy with telenor insha Allah and will forget eighty rupees.

hope so :)

chacha.. I heard that MNP causes lot of problems,is it true?

No bacha

I didnt have any problem. I just had to wait for 20 minutes for my turn. And it took further 10 minutes at the booth.

My MNP was completed and my new sim activated on the very same day :)

(I had problems when tried to port in to Ufone a year ago)

Yeah its time to throw away zong as its service is very poor.

like me :)

Telenor Persona.

Sucks balls.

The very object of having a "Postpaid" is useless because of their billing service.

I had one, with 2000rs as a Security Deposit. And lo and behold ... they block my line for 'non payment' of bill of previous month of ... RS 700 APPROX! I never GOT the bill. They said its "My fault". Like bloody hell its my fault you dont bill me ... or keep a dumbass blocking policy to begin with. Goddamn them! I send a guy to pay them, and they tell me I have to pay the whole bill till date fo around 1200, not just last month outstanding. So he comes back. When I later give the money at another Franchise ... ti registers in 3 days and I sit with no connection for 3 days while having payed these guys 2000rs Security Deposit AND the whole damn payment.

And these goddamn CSRs did nothing. Called them like 6-8 times! Nothing ...

The problem is the billing. You have to pay every month regardless of the bill. This is not so with other services. I was (and still am) using Warids Postpaid and the bill had to be paid to avoid blocking when I reached 90% limit. Whats the use of a security deposit if they block you anyway for UNDER 50% usage just beacuse you didnt pay the month.

Telenor Persona is crappy and so is their customer support. I stil havent got my 2000 back ... they made me "Come back later sir" ... I just forgot about it after a couple of times.

With your SMS usage, your going to be fine with Prepaid actually. U Prepay personal recommendation.

Ufone sends SMS warning at 70% usage of security deposit. It's usually 3-6 months at least before I go to pay my bills and I haven't got a single warning SMS for 70% usage yet.

telenor also sends warning message when you use 75% of scurity deposit and you can check your daily usage at telenor web self service .


it looks like Sir Ahsan is really annoyed

Ive switched* to Telenor Persona nefore you posted and I hope I dont get this problem.

use ufone postpaid .....the best one


Ill switch to it if im not satisfied with persona

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use ufone postpaid …the best one

ufone has less cover area in the country so you have to face signal issue time to time.

yup, thats y I opted for persona

Im happy with it till now!

^ if coverage is your issue instead of rates ,, then use mobilink indigo (my father is using it),, its coverage is every where ,, n quality and support is also good.

RAtes are also my concern :)