Telenor Call Block Service

Telenor has also introduced call block service – similar to Ufone’s call block service but if does not block the sms only the calls great step though but useless..

Charges are 20Rs+tax/monthly

For service settings and managing your blocked numbers IVR and SMS methods will be charged as below

SMS: Rs. 2 + tax. (One time)

IVR: Rs. 2 + tax per minute.

Blocking or Unblocking a number by Call Blocker Website = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)

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great step though but useless…

Now, what was that?

^ i meant a great step by Telenor but useless as it won't block the sms form the sender.

.jar or .sis applicatioons also exist for such functions.

ANyone having a link for such a mobile software which works, as most of them didn't worked which I downloaded.

Well sms block service shall also be there ase so many sms packages , people just keep on teasing through sms's

^ufone has that service through there 420 block service they block the sms and the call too but telenor is blocking only the calls