Talk in pak on every network just 2Rs/hour.. Must check it

(This whole procedure supported in pakistan me and my friends personally have used it. i personally advised u need to choose USA dialing number ) (provide web calling service worldwide coverage)

actually Ucall has stopped the online registration but someone post this trick on a web. I tested it personally and it is working awesome.

get 1440 mints(24 hr) talk time just up to 5 pounds.this Is discounted limited time offer.

u can call any where in the world.


1-when u will sign up then select USA as ur home country then Ucall give you a USA dialing number. (here I m just choosing USA country because of explaining procedure… u can Replace USA country and can chose an other among these countries ---- UK, Canada, all europ more countries allowed)

After get the USA dialing number then u will call on that USA number after connect the call then u will dial ur desire number where u want to call. Then call will be disconnected and after some sec Ucall will call back u and also call back to ur desire number itself and then both number will be connected. So u don’t need to pay any more money because Ucall will cal back u and ur other caller party.

(during talk time ur money will not charge even a single penny but ur purchase mints will consume)

2-call connecting charges are according to ur country to USA mobile call rate (example india to USA mobile call rate approx less than 2 rupees)

( if u r in USA then u will never pay any charges on call connecting because USA to USA calls normally free.. and if u live in UK then chose UK dialing number rather than USA and u can talk UK to anywhere in world and u will just charge UK to UK mobile call rate )

3-when Ucall call back to you then actually Ucall will calling you in fact you r not calling to Ucall , that’s y u will not pay any charges during talk but just ur purchase mints will consume.

4- if u talk 40 mints out of 1440 mints then ur 1400 mints will left . each time UCall will send u sms about info ur remain mints.

5- ur mints will expire after 6 month

6- ur caller id will never show on other caller screen.

how u sign up.

1-Send mail at with ur

mobile number with operator name ( exmp +447731234567 O2 )

2-aftre send mail u will receive sms within 1 to 24 hr from +44 with PASSWORD.

(if u dont get any mail then again send mail)

3-then send again mail at including with

i) password (which u received on ur mobile)

ii) ur mobile number with operator name.(example +447731234567 O2 network)

iii) ur country name

( remember here u can just write here any one country name among USA UK CANADA any EUROP country.. its depend on u which country dilaing has less call cahrg to ur home country .. If u live in India then I suggest you you need to chose USA or CANADA because when u will chose USA or CANADA then Ucall give you a CANADA or USA dialing number and from India to USA or CANADA call rate is very low approx less then 2 rupees)

for example u will Write mail in this format:

country: it up to u choose it among(UK USA CANADA Europe)

Number: +447731234567 O2 ( here u write ur mobile number)

Password: 1234( here u write ur receive password)

4-after send the password in mail u will receive SMS from Ucall on ur mobile about payment. this is las step.when u will submit payment then Ucall send back u sms. sms will include a USA or any other number which u will write in mail and 4 digit password. now ur account ready.

then just dial ur USA number and then auto machine will ask about password then enter ur 4 digit password then enter ur desire number then call will be disconnected and after some sec Ucall will cal back u and also call back to your desire number.both number will be connected now talk as long as u want.

now i tell u how u can pay 5 pounds.

if u have paypal account then pay through paypal

Ucall paypal payment id is:

after submit the payment Ucall will also send you sms about paypal payment confirmation

or if u dont have paypal then request to someone ur friend who have paypal account.

if u have some issue then u can ask me . i will definitely help u