T20 Cricket

I can't really believe I am starting a new topic regarding cricket as I have mostly lost all the passion for the said sports. Pakistan is playing Semi-Finals today so I just wanted to see who believes in our cricket team? I believe SA is gona beat the crap out of us. What say you?

hmm i use alternatives always like i have used bet365 and i have a bet of $25 over South Africa and my heart willing Pakistan will win the match if pakistan win or loose i will be the happy man ;)

Lol... that's a nice way to put it but man $25 is not much y'know :)

any free stream links as a backup please??? u never know when ur cable goes out.

i have a gut feeling pakistan will win this one, C'MON PAKISTAN!!!!!!!!


thanks asad,

WOW would u believe it, afridi with a half century lol. time to bump that thread :D

waise 150 we have given saffies to chase.

bowl'em out!!!!!!!!!

Younus and Malik have now made an art of wasting

balls in the middle. Now we can add Razzaq to this

august group.

Younus should've sent Misbah ahead of himself.

Just imagine if Afridi hadn't put in his 50 and gotten

out with his usual scores, we might well have been

looking at a less than 100 score.




Sheikh 'Ab Kya Hoga ?' Chilli

Younis Khan is mad ... why the hell he giving over to Fawad...

Congrats Guys :)

I rarely watch Cricket, and neither am a fan, but after watching the final of last T20 world cup, I have been following this tournament as well. And what a match it was tonight!. Awesome.

i ammmmmmmm jumping uppppp and down on my bedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd




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i ammmmmmmm jumping uppppp and down on my bedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd



Same here! i broke my beautifull vase on side table in emotion. Can control it! NIce win i was terrible till the last over. You know i don’t watch cricket often but emotions are the key while watching any sports! :D :smiley: :D :smiley: :D :smiley: There should be some other smiley to express our winning feelings!

oohhh...pakistan finally beat SA...superb...pakistan really deserved that...

Good JOB !! :)

dat was a amazin killin spree by deee maggotttttts ala pakistan

wowwwww i cant stop myself dancing :P

where r the critics??? now come here n criticize afridi :P

That is a great win

Wicket of the match = Gibbs bold by Afridi amazingly!

Now realy what was Gibbs doing with the ball? Didn't he know he is just bold.

afridi is rocking with the ball...

the googlies and dosras are simply outstanding....and really,he was very good with bat too(very unlikely) but even then he has always been superb with the bowl....

and lol at gibbs...

nice little montage there