Systek and Simtek Inverters


^ other than the bland simtek advertisement, the point is true indeed. HF inverters die out quicker, than transformer based.. also transformer based ups can be repaired easier tha HF ones. in most cases the entire HF inverter unit needs to be replaced instead of any repair possibility.


Here is the latest setup.


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Inverter 55K, Each. Battery 17.5K. Two more batteries waiting to be installed.


In parallel? Isn’t that a concern with regards to uneven currents between differing battery banks?


If one cuts accurate length of cables there should be no problems. Done regularly to create large battery banks.


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More batteries. Manufacturer is Volta. Just a different sticker. OEM.



That would have minimal impact. Battery’s varying internal resistance also plays its part in affecting balanced current use.

It’s not a major practical concern anyway.


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