Super crazy action movies

i have seen three movies which are super crazy action movies... i am sure most of you have watched atleast 2 of them

ong bak(2003)... kick ass tony jaa

tom yum goong(2005).... jaw dropping stunts

chocolate(2008).. w0w a chick as good as jaa??

ong bak 2 was released on around 5 dec last month... it will be available to us in good enough print in about a couple of months max with english subs.. ong bak 3 has been confirmed and will come out in a year maybe

trailer for ong bak 2:

now... anymore movies like these?? anyone seen crazy martial arts films?? give ideas people

haha I like crazy action movies man! Just turn the logic switch of your brain off and enjoy these movies...just a few days back I caught "Drunken Master" on star movies I guess... it's a very old and famous film of Jackie Chan...wwhen it was on TV I instantly recognized it as I still remember it when I saw some 10-12 years back...some mind blowing action scenes...super notch was a hit movie!

go action movies go!!!

since we are talking about crazy action movies, have any one seen "District B-13"

yeah i have seen that one... good solid action... casino royale's starting chase scene was stolen from that movie... ofcourse the action is not as crazy as the three i have mentioned but still good... and if any action fan hasn't seen those three movies then he is committing a serious sin


casino royal

the action in doa is good... although the movie is not that good like all action movies.... but another problem is that it has "wire" action... while tony jaa movies has jaw dropping stunts with no wires... i heard he trains 8 hours daily and considering his amazing athletic kicks and action it must be true