i am sure everyone will like him BTW is he Pakistani ?

this is his channel on youtube

you can get lots of videos of this guy he is really genius

Suleman Mirza has been performing for over 20 years and is THE WORLDS #1 MICHAEL JACKSON DANCE TRIBUTE ARTIST.

With a prolific, dynamic, versatile and exciting dancing style, no one executes an MJ dance move better than Suleman earning him the nickname the "Michael Jackson Dancing Machine".

There are many other Michael Jackson Impersonators in the world today all very talented and all claiming to be great at what they do but rest assured that when you have seen Suleman Mirza perform you will agree he is the ONLY supreme Michael Jackson Tribute Artist.

Please see one of Sulemans Videos on his YouTube page if you need more convincing.

Suleman Mirzas biggest success came when he performed on Britains Got Talent 2008.

Suleman was the runners up in the LIVE Final of 'Britain's Got Talent 2008', which aired on ITV1 on 31st May 2008 & viewed by a record breaking 19 million viewers (including repeats) - a 64% share of the viewing public. Suleman received praise from the judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Pierce Morgan and were HUGE favourites with the audience. Despite being a runner up on the show...from over half a million applicants Suleman (SIGNATURE) was regarded by many as the TRUE WINNER of the series.

Suleman has been given the OFFICIAL STAMP OF APPROVAL by MICHAEL JACKSON himself. On March 5th 2009 Suleman had the honor of meeting Michael Jackson at the infamous London press conference when Michael announced his This Is It tour. He was one of the very few people who had this privilege and it was here when Michael Jackson declared that he liked what you do

In 2006 Suleman had the honor of performing FOR Michael Jackson at the televised 2006 World Music Awards held in London's Earls Court.....Suleman would again meet and greet the King of Pop in person.

The JACKSON FAMILY have also become fans and have communicated with Suleman directly after his appearance on Britains Got Talent 2008 final.

Aswell as being an explosive dancer on stage Suleman is a very creative and hard working soul. He has worked behind the scenes on many of his high profile shows as a Choreographer and Artistic Director. He is always looking to innovate rather than simply imitate dance steps or entertainment productions. This is why he is able to adapt to any dance style with ultimate ease Not many people know that along with the dancing Suleman is a talented singer/songwriter.

With an average of 250 Shows per year, two sold out UK arena tours in less than 10 months in 2008 and at one time 50million accumulated Hits on his YouTube videos Suleman is going from strength to strength. His clients have included the likes of CocaCola, T Mobile, X factor, Simon Cowell, Elton John, Lakshmi Mittal (Forbes 3rd Richest man), Nickelodeon, MTV and countless others to name but a few.

Suleman has performed on the Oprah Winfrey Show, performed with David Foster in Las Vegas, performed with many A-list Bollywood Superstars also celebrity friends Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, Mcfly, Danni Minogue, Jay Sean, Alexandra Burke, JLS Sugababes and worked with celebrity choreography Lavelle Smith Junior (choreographer to the likes of Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles and Michael Jackson).

Suleman is always striving to enhance his performing skills, be it through song, dance, writing - he is ambitious and determined to be one of the best entertainers around - he will never ever stop

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Some RECOGNISABLE fans of Suleman Mirza

Fun.....Fantastic ....That was great

Oprah Winfrey

(The Oprah Winfrey Show)

Sensational..... Never seen anything like it...You dance better than Michael Jackson

Simon Cowell

(Music, TV)

These guys are great simply brilliant

David Foster

(music producer)

Loved every second of it - fell off my chair

Jonathan Ross

(TV presenter)

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if Mr Suleman Mirza proud to be a pakistani then its awesome.

he is Indian British.

he was sulman before noe he is " Sulay Men " as you can check in vid so he not a pakistani :)

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he is Indian British.