Suggestions on reducing phone bill

on my ptcl line i usually rack up about 2200+ bill, about 50% are local calls and 50% are cell phone calls. is there any package or maybe a wireless service that would reduce my bill?


dont call cell phones from ptcl

use ptcl just for landline calls

use ufone uwon package to call mobiles...

If you are looking for a wireless service then try the PTCL vFone unlimited Package

They have a line rent of rs20

which makes 600/month

In this package you get vfone to vfone and PTCL free and mobile calls are

rs2/min(abt the same rate as PTCL landline)

Most of your billed amount would consist of the Cell phone calls. They cost a lot more than the calls on a cellphone.

Get Uwon package like Shoukat suggested for cellphones. Or any other depending on your type and duration of calls.

Dont make calls

^lol very pathetic suggestion...btw i guess ptcl is cheating with local my bill today n local call charges r 870rs :( there isn't much phone usage for local calls in my home

ahh pitty on you all :P

even i have pakistan plus package and still i get the bill of 3000+(including Broadband). (line rent+package charges+mobile Charges+broadband)<<--- these costs me less than 1500 but they charge extra 100-1500 for local calls,

Buy all your family members a cell phone and tell them not to touch the PTCL fone again