Suggestion needed for DDR2 Ram

i m currently using corsair 800MHz 1gb ddr2 ram in my ASUS P5Q mobo. now i want to add another ram to ma rig.which ram is better ?

kingston or corsair?

if i use kingston 667 MHz with corsair 800MHz then wud it create any problem? will it affect the performance of dual channel memory?

would Corsair Dominator 1033MHz be a better choice than corsair 800MHz.?

1.) yeah adding anoother ram in ur Board will give you a boost in performance , CORSAIR for OVeRclocking n Warranty , never heard anyone OC'ing on Kingston RAMS :/

2.) If you are using 800Mhz 1GB DDr2 Ram , then you'll need another 800Mhz 1GB Ddr 2 To run these RAms in Dual Channel Mode , otherwise it wont work Dual Channel Mode.

3.) Of course 1033MhZ will be better than those 800MhZ , But why you need such PowerFull rams ,what you plan do with your PC .. because i think 1GB x2 800Mhz in Duall Channel would give you enough performance to run even Vista .

What's your Current Rigg Specifications BTw . ?

Choose the ram bus speed according to the FSB of your processor, if your processor has 1333 fsb then 667 would be enough for it.

the bus speed of ma rig is 1066MHz.

actually the specs of my pc are:

C2Q Q6600 @2.4GHz

ASUS P5Q motherboard

1Gb corsair 800MHz ram

MSi 3870 512mb

cooler master 460 Watts PSU.

i want to use maximum output of my mobo for gaming and u know with every passing day there is a radical change.

so in order to coup that advancement i wanna draw max output from my mobo.