Suggestion for sell price


i need to sell my pc to someone, n dunno how much it is worth now. So plz help me out, thanks. I am listing the components tht i bought n their current prices fer new units.


- Intel Pentium 4 HT (Northwood) PGA478-pin 3.2GHz, 800MHz, 512KB

- Intel D865GBF ATX Motherboard, 4x USB 2.0, 4x USB 1.0, 5.1 channel Audio, Intel Extreme Graphics 2, 5x PCI, 1x AGP 3.0, 2x IDE, 4x SATA 150Mbps, 4x DDR Slots (4GB Max).

- 2x 512MB Kingston VR DDR@400MHz CL3 (Dual Channel) (2400/-)

- 2x 512MB Corsair VS DDR@400MHz CL2 (Dual Channel) (1 year warranty left) (2200/-)

- XFX GeForce 7800GS Extreme Ediiton @440/650 Mhz can get to 510/733 MHz with Rivatuner

- Western Digital Cavier 160GB SATA 300Mbps (6 months warranty left) (3000/-)

- ASUS Combo Drive

- Cooler Master 600W PurePower PSU (4500/-)

- Channel Gaming Casing (with 6 fans) (2500/-)

All prices averagely quoted from blue area, Islamabad traders.

how much for ur PSU CM 600

i want to sell it in whole, not in parts, sorry.