Suggest me some other

Suggest me some other graphics cards and speakers other than CREATIVE A-200 2.1 speakers and INNO3D GeForce PCX 7200GS 256MB (64-BITS) TC 512MB .Remember that I want to purchase new not used and suggest graphics cards for PCI slot.

My budget is Rs. 4500

What do u want to do wid the graphic card?

play games

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play games

Buy a 8400gs that is for 3400-3600 and search a speaker with-in the remaining budget

The price of the 8400gs is rs.3,300 and along with it buy Audionic MAX-1 2.1 speakers for 1,100

Making the total 4,400 rupees

still 100 Rup is there :)

what he should buy for that ?

petrol for getting home ;)