Suggest an ISP

Guys today I applied to disconnect my PTCL 1mb DSL as I was only getting 30kB/s download speed from it via direct downloads and as well as from torrents, and they said that you cannot say that you do not get full speed coz when you download 3 files simultaneously, each 30kB/s combine to form 90kB/sec which is acceptable for your connection. I did try portforwarding and did all the troubleshooting for 1 month, but the download speed did not improve. Previously when I used Worldcall, I used to get max speed on a single download and if I was downloading multiple files, then the bandwidth was divided.

But I have had bad experience with WorldCall too, so apart from PTCL and Worldcall, which ISP should I now get?

The max price should be Rs. 1200 and should have unlimited downloads, and should give max speed on a single download.

Is LDN any good?

PS. I live in Lahore, DHA

ya go get LDN student packge then!

Oh well,I don't think PTCL got any bandwidth issues.Whats your line noise margin and attenuation?If your landline condition is pathetic then LDN is also no good.

My line stats are very good


I'm too more inclined towards LDN.

What about Wateen?

^Just try wateen at your own risk,but i will recommend do not.

better to try LDN if you are not getting from PTCL what you want.

Yup don't even think about that crap wateen you would end up cursing the moment that you thought of getting wateen as you mentioned one of your requirement that you want unlimited download so forget it they don't have that feature and it's never gonna appear like load shedding is never gona get extinct from our nation :P

They have advertised unlimited* (*=fair usage policy of 30 gb) so dude forget it really wateen's not the choice....

As you are in Lahore so LDN is the only choice you are left with i have heard that there customer service is far more better than ptcl and your stats are marvelous for a 4mb connection so LDN will work wonders for you but the source will be ptcl line they don't have there standalone infrastructure to provide service yet..

You could try LDN for a month and then see how it goes. There aren't any install charges. If you don't like it, I guess you know what to do then - shift.