Suggest a gud asus mobo

As the topic suggests i need to buy a gud asus motherboard that has gud temperature controls and can do a little bit of overclocking as well

my range is 6-8 k

Also if some msi motherboard can challenge so plz tell abt that also

Asus P5kpl-VM

man go for MSI p43 neo-f

its so amazing

it available for 7400

has all features of p5ql-cm wich is for about 8400

it has so cool overclocking pannel...

it also has latest PCIE 2.0 slot...

i am loving it

Asus P5N73-AM.

see the Feature :

its available in pak(khi) now. dun remember exactly but it cost around 4.5k to 6k (max).

dun go for P5KPL-VM.