Subject: Business & Personal Webhosting Packages

I wonder if someone know from where I can get a business or personal web packages, email packages or domain registration at one place with smart utilities. Hosting Company must be in local Middle East countries.

I would appreciate if any one of you could be of my help.

Middle East countries are not a good place to put hosting servers. If possible then try to avoid at all cost the hosting companies situated in Middle East. You might ask, why? The answer is extreme censorship and no rule of law. Just on their own (government's) mood or if anyone in "authority" request then Middle Eastern countries can pull down website without any prior notice and there is no way (in no court or law) to challenge it.

The biggest example of such atrocities was of Geo TV in UAE.

Following websites may fulfil almost all of your requirement:

5 pages website Starting at: $29.95 - AED 109.95 / year

Hosting starting from: $99 AED 365 / year

lol, Nice way to advertise :)