Stupid reason given by Minister on Hajj expenses

I can't believe what I read yesterday. Can somebody explain to me what the hell is this minister trying to say!? I mean I really can't comprehend the "logic" behind this decision. How stupid can they get!!!

On a question of why Hajj fares and other expenses are higher in Pakistan than India, Minister of religious affairs replied this:



Link to original news:

Fruits of democracy. You get every John, Dick and Harry spouting about things they know nothing about.

Anyone read about PIA's bid at protectionism for increasing its revenues in today's newspaper? (The News, last page of Business Section).

actually thats a pretty good reason...

^ could you elaborate?

wtf....who the hell is he.......makin lame excuses

These type of Statements from our Honourable Ministers show their lack of knowledge, wisdom, vision & passion of help & support to common people. Same types of statements are coming from other ministers & our president on various other issues.

Let Allah Almighty God forgive our sins & help us & our country.

^ Honorable my *ss! They r all all *uc*ing morons. Each and every one of them.

I wish i could do a suicide attack on him :(

what honorouble minister failed to tell is this that Indian government subsidizes Hajj expenses. Whereas in Pakistan Govt inflates all sort of expenses in Hajj season for eg. Travel fare

It seems idiots are being literally handpicked to run this country's affair.

I don't know what logic has been applied here and how this is relevant to Shariah.