Stupid PTCL why wont they improve; Any DNS help?

My DNS for PTCL are not working. Their support called me today (after 20 says of my constant complaints) and one guy also came to my office to see what the problem was. Last night, the Modem also stopped working which was replaced by them. But internet speed on my 4 MB line is still making me pull my hair out. I am going crazy. I have lost a very good customer who thinks I am making excuses while its stupid PTCL which wont improve their service after so many complaints.

My nature of work needs me to be online all the time. But I have browsing issues. Please note the DNS issue is there when we are browsing the web, not chat programs not any other tool like torrents are affected by this.

So any DNS related help is highly appreciated.


Fahd Murtaza

It has already been discussed several times. Change your DNS to OpenDNS:

OK great. Will it be speedy?

^isn't that obvious :P