Streaming videos from FTP?

Is it possible?

I want to stream videos from maxcom's ftp but somehow it doesnt work. No matter what i do it first downloads the whole file and then plays it. Any way to just simply stream it ?

which media player are you using to stream the video?

i believe vlc has ftp streaming support

I tried VLC and Windows Media player.. It doesnt work on WMP.. And i dont know how to stream through VLC :P I looked around in the options but couldnt figure it out :S

I don't know about streaming but you can play a partially downloaded file using vlc.

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I tried VLC and Windows Media player… It doesnt work on WMP… And i dont know how to stream through VLC :P I looked around in the options but couldnt figure it out :S

VLC and WMP both can streanm from FTP url if that is accessible. and as I can see you have access to the URL so that you are able to download the whole video before.

and if you know that default port is 21 for FTP access. check the URL from which you can download at full and try the same in a Player.

in WMP you can go through File > Open URL and put the full URL.

in VLC go through Media > Open Network > Network Tab > Choose Protocol as FTP > put in Address the full URL you have access to.

make sure to give the Port number if your server requires some thing else than 21.

ftp://{domain name}:{port}/dir/filename.wmv

ftp://{IP address}:{port}/dir/filename.wmv

If i go into WMP and enter the URL, it just simply plays the video after it has downloaded/buffered the whole of the video :S...

Will try on VLC.

Yay, It works when i enter port number 21. Thanks alot man.

But i have to change it to UDP then enter port 21 then switch to FTP and then play. Then it works in VLC. It wont let me enter port when im on FTP.

^ that's good

but I want to brief some thing.

TCP or UDP selection lets you choose a port of your choice that's why it is considered that the user will be willing to specify a port with an IP or domain name. so VLC gives an option to you.

but if you select any other protocol which doesn't give you a field to specify a port, even then you can specify the port along with your destination address following by a colon (:) as mentioned in my last post.

but that's really great you tried with an other protocol instead of just following a way as mentioned by others or me. I appreciate that.