Strange Wifi problem

I'm using Aztech DSL605EW router, its the same wireless router linkdotnet gives....and im using PTCL broadband and PTCL Smart TV.....

i still cant run Smart TV on my laptop consistently but still i have another problem that needs to be resolved first

i watch smart tv on laptop following the way discussed in the 11th page of Smart TV thread on this forum

The problem is when i connect my laptop with router through ethernet(wire), everything is gud and video on VLC player runs smooth, while when i do the same with wifi the video is very jerky and i can see on Netmeter that the DL transfer rate duznt go more than 120kb/s

another thing i notice is that while netmeter is showing the graph running at about 110kb/s, the wifi indicator in the taskbar doesnt glow

its not that its the limit of wifi speed because even when using net and downloading stuff, the speed goes to 200+ and stays constant, and while transferring data from laptop to pc thru wifi ive noticed netmeter showing speeds more than 3mb/s

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looking at your description about the problem, to me atleast it doesn't seem to be any problem there. or some missed information you might have forgot to mention. because looking at the diffrent speed values you mentioned doesn't show any reason for the problem you explained.

your laptop to pc transfer rate on wifi is just fine. but not on WAN

but your eithernet transfer rate shows your WAN is ok with laptop.

some thing is missing perhaps. may be I am not seeing. you have to wait.

may be Asad could help.

but please be patient as some one will get any point he will respond on the time.

yeah....i just found out what i was missing....and i dont hve much idea on how to configure it

its sumthin with QoS Egress

with all other interfaces, No egress option is selected

another thing to mention is that its not simple WAN like accessing internet, its something complicated, like i make a bridge connection in router and when I connect it through making an internet connection in windows and it connects through WAN miniport(pppoe), I am not able to open video in VLC, but when i disconnect it and then open the same link in VLC video starts running

I dont know exactly but it has something to do with IGMP, the ip i open in VLC is