Strange UPS battery behaviour

Good Day Wired Pakistan and happy Weekend ,

my Ups battery these days givin pain in A55 a bit , last night it gave backup of less than 5 mins , and now its giving 2-3 Min backup after 1-2 hours of charge , 48 hours back it was giving superb Backup of 50-80 Minutes with 2 fans and laptop , i m using it with direct UPS like i dont have any wiring , battery i like > 100 w

ups is 500 W

liquid is full i even refilled the battery , still same prob ,

is it time for me to buy new one ? or is it some technical issue there ?

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From last night! what do you mean was it giving full backup before that paticular night. And how long have it been you bought the battery?

Maybe they were too deeply discharged? Try slowly charging them and don't use the UPS in the interim.

That is caused due to two problems.

A. Battery dying

B. UPS not charging

put water in battery

batery gonee.... do urself a favour , buy a new onee...

Shoxee, stop posting unrelated content randomly in various threads.

Probably your batteries were deeply discharged, or overcharged.....A friends UPS overcharged the battery and the battery backup to a great extent.

I guess a deeply discharged battery can be recovered , either by charging it for a long time and not using it or by charging it with some extra volts for few minutes

While AFAIK an overcharged battery can't be recovered

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