Redesigned - Please review the new design :)

I have redesigned my site and tried to give it a more fun and cool look.

You can see the old design here: Click Here

It was also good but not had fun look.

Everything is OK now, except for Forum, Advertise & Contact Us page :P

Please give me your comments about this new design :)

Thank you very much

well is it a blog or content website?

seems more a blog then a content based website.

would better if you use Joomla :)

It is a website, but have a blog look, Using wordpress.

I don't think using joomla or wordpress would make any kind of effect on the content.

it does, if you some knowledge of joomla, worpress is just for making a blog. but when it comes to features, then joomla wins.

secondly close this link "/wap-admin/" either it can be attacked :D using .htaccess

Well you are taking the thread off-topic.

You have not commented on the design, content, presentation....anything but just pick the thing running on backend huh.

And for your kind information, wordpress is a well-known and powerful CMS and it is surely NOT made only for blogs, it can run and manage any kind of website with some modifications.

IMO wordpress has been used well in that site!

the design looks pretty good too

Thanks bro. Looking for more comments :)

hmmm well alll i would say that design is awsome. Well another tough competator for my website :( :( I wish i would have owned this website. I get some best sms collection in town but all i need is a website and design and i dont know anything about them ;(

Don't worry bro, Yea I am your competitor but it doesn't mean that you stop working for your website. Your website is also good.

There are already 1000s of sms websites on the internet but still everyone is working for his website. You just focus on the collection and be happy :)

Ahhhh Thanks Jani. Im thinkin of movin to personal domain but all the good names r just not available? do u have a suggestions. I know im askin for a weapon support from my enemy. Lols

weapon support:

make a proper SEO :)

believe it or not. one of my website's Search Results on Alexa ranking was a month before under 2 lac and not its near 35,000 ;)

where wiredpakistan ranking is near 31,000

even actually wiredpakistan ranking is dropping, don't know the reason, might be decrease in the traffic

Now i'm hoping that within next few months i'll corss the wiredpakistan ranking ;)

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Ahhhh Thanks Jani. Im thinkin of movin to personal domain but all the good names r just not available? do u have a suggestions. I know im askin for a weapon support from my enemy. Lols

It is not really the matter of domain IMO. If your site has good content (sms) and you are using right keywords to promote your site then it will surely come to top rankings on search engines, even it is .blogspot or .com or whatever.

I would suggest you to just promote your site as much as possible and keep your site as clean (for search engines) as possible.

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Ahh thanks janii and slave.:)

Slave Please check my thread. I recieved the login details for my suggest me now that should i work with this domain or not


Isn’t it thread hijacking?


you have good observation. 'thread hijacking' :)

any ways. about your website. this is what fits in their place. pretty nice look and feel.

Suggestion: increasing width, removing ads from under-header. moving the content up and put the ads on side will be great.

but if you want it for 800px users, then all's fine.

Actually I wanted to have a "Small" website :)

So I made it as small as possible until it doesn't become hard to read.

Those ads on the header are not looking good? are the disturbing reading the content? :(

They are for extra revenue for me :)

if you want the width as it is, then you can put the ads under right sided SMS Categories nav-links.

and if you want them still on top, then configure you adsense to display only animated or image ads not text links and change the ad width to fill the white spaces fully.

this is droping the design rate in your template

Ok I will work on it :)

Man tryly saying. Even though sms4smile is the number 1 here but you got the best sms website by designs. :)

Thank you satan :)

Just wait for few more months when my website will have a pagerank then MY website will be no. 1 on search engines :)

It is already on #1 for many keywords.

Ahan jani. are you getting paid for the website. ? Just wanted to ask because my adsense earning is real slow. real real slow