im using 2 SSD's in my rig. 1x128GB OCZ Vertex and the other is 256GB Samsung. To be honest they are worth the price you pay for them. Atleast i saw massive load time decrease in all the applications that i had installed and ran through the ssd.

Btw i think 15k for a 60GB SSD isnt too expensive....considering you can put your OS and a couple of games on it as well.

Because of the [still] pretty huge cost/GB difference of HD vs SSD, I don't see them replacing normal hard drives any time soon. They will be used as OS/Applications drive mostly.

^ ssd certainly wont replace hdd at least for next 3-4 years for sure, right now they can be used for specific work and its worth it.

@rokra, i used my cousins PayPal account who lives in U.S.