Split Air Conditioners...Air Ionizers...Ozone Generators

Well I was quite curious about the Ionizer feature in Acson Split Air conditioner and Sanyo Split Air Conditioner

So on googling about it I found some interesting info

Air Ionizers and Ozone Generators are two different things, and both purify air.

- Air Ionizers like in Split ACs, create negative ions which bond with the positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mold, smoke, chemical vapors, and many other allergens. After bonding they get heavy, fall down, and can be found on ground as pieces of dust, or they get stuck in filters

ok now about ozone

- During thunderstorms and lightning the fresh smell is due to Ozone

- The two natural ways in which ozone is produced is UV light from Sun, that creates Ozone in upper atmosphere, and lightning that produces Ozone in lower atmosphere

- Ozone Generators use corona tube and plasma discharge net. its written on acsons site "Plasma-O2 works at 0.001 micron level killing germs, bacteria, mould & fungus and cleaning the air by removing dust particles, mites & tobacco smoke.

- Maximum safe continuous exposure to is 0.50 parts per million (FDA regulated)

- In some public toilets UV lamps are used to produce Ozone to kill germs

To conclude using air ionizers is a lot safer than ozone generators, but air ionizers can not create the fresh smell as ozone generators do...

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what you wrote just doesn’t add up up here? so i’'ll tell you again… in pakistani mid to large cities if one lives in, then the “air” there which is coming into house/apartments is already so heavily polluted due many human controllable factors and two major ones are unchecked vehicle emissions and second one is garbage burning, so air purifying technologies which is being discussed here can not function effectively at all.


But they can still make a difference. And i understand K2 that people do have the right to buy what they think they need ?