Split AC question

I have read somewhere on internet that split ac can only cool down the room upto 10c . means that if outside temperature is 35 then ac can achieve maximum 25c.

is this true???

and yeah anyone using split ac does it really bring the temp down to 18c or please post what minimum temp ur split ac has achieved.

Its not true ... mine cooled down to 18 c


in how much time.

LOL , it all depends on how bigger your unit is and how smaller your room is !

if we are putting 2 ton of a/c in a 6x6 small room and running tht unit on 18 degrees Celsius then obviously it will reach 18 degrees in no time ! and if we are using half ton a/c in a big 15 x 20 bedroom and running it on same 18 degrees then for sure it wont reach tht threshold till morning !

So it all depends the sizes , and also where the room is located , and where the A/c indoor an outdoor units are placed / deployed !

lilke my lounge 2 ton a/c never trips on 18 C but my bedroom's a/c are easily trips on 18 c