Split AC Problem

I have an LG Plasma Gold (made in korea... not the local Pakistani assembled) 1.5 ton. This is my fifth summer using it. Had no problems previously except in the 4th summer it had a gas leak and had to have it recharged. I get it serviced at the start of every summer and they clean all that black goo out.

This year I noticed that it is working a lot harder to maintain the temperature I set it too. I usually set it to 22 and it used to get to that temperature pretty quick and turn off. Now it takes what seems like forever to reach 22 and the compressor/outdoor unit doesn't turn off its on continuously. If i dare set it to 21 or 20, it never even reaches it but it did 2 years ago. And even though its own temperature unit says the room is 22, my own temperature on the wall which is very accurate shows 27. Previously it would get to 22 on both. Its not even full summer yet and am pretty worried. I brought a split technician to check it out and put a meter to check the gas and says it was full just fine. He says the only thing that is possible is that the compressor has gotten "weak" but has not given out. If that is the case would it still be covered under warranty? Could there be anything else wrong. Its working fine if I keep it on all day long set to 22 but I'm sure its going to cost me an arm and a leg on the electricity bill as compared to previously. Any ideas?

If the capacitors on the compressor control unit are screwed up your compressor will work far too hard. Easy way to do so is to check the amperage your air conditioning unit is pulling. Get a electrician or a electrical meter to check, if it is above the stated manufacturers ranges, chances there is something wrong electrically within the unit.

If you are in Karachi, and need the name of a reliable AC guy, let me know, I can refer one to you.

Good luck.

I have a generator and it has a meter on it and its pulling the correct amount of amps. I just checked the blower and one side of the AC is throwing out a lot of air. The middle is throwing out no air, and the left side of it is throwing out a very small amount of air (all equally cold) so I'm guessing its a fan problem of some sort, heard of it before? and I'm in Islamabad so if you know someone here? :-)

Check the Freon in it. Usually if U have a leak it will not get fixed by itself. Generally mechanics just add the Freon and don’t bother to fix the small leaks at all. Now if you top off the Freon and get the desired cooling then it is the gas leakage. This will give U a start. Other is checking the filters in the cooling unit. Also check the condensing unit for any blockage etc. U may also time the compressor how long it runs i.e. intermittent operation of the compressor.