Split A/C

i need to buy Split AC 1 Ton price 18000-19000 Rs. any idea which 1 is good these days...

"General" is the best.

Does General makes splits? Mitsubishi Electric is the best, IMO.

Yes general does make splits, but they are costly, we got one few years back 2 ton. dont exactly remember how much it was

you have to choose some chines one like dawlence, tcl which will cost you less than 20,000

general is good IMO

i have a Gree... it's good

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i have a Gree… it’s good

I got Gree and TCL and TCL seems work better than Gree

I recently did a survey of the market, here are the prices I can remember from the top of my head.

General, L.G, Panasonic, Mitsubishi 2 ton 45,000

L.G, Mitsubishi 1.5 ton 35,000

Haier other misc brands 1.5 ton 20,000-25,000

Haier other misc brands 1 ton 17,500 - 20,000

I have a 1 ton Haier unit, it's fantastic.

Edit: More Info

Mitsubishi 1.5 ton is the best a/c to buy, it's great, power consumption is less. The 2 ton unit is the best cooling wise available in the market but very heavy on electricity, it takes more amperage than a L.G 2 ton. General 2 ton is crap, consumes the most power, cooling is average.

Mitsubishi is good i have bad expreince with general as if it is reapired it keep it on asking for it....in mitsubishi i havent exprence this thing.....if u r thinking of chinese or local brands i would prefer dawlance

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Mitsubishi is good i have bad expreince with general as if it is reapired it keep it on asking for it…in mitsubishi i havent exprence this thing…if u r thinking of chinese or local brands i would prefer dawlance

Mitsubishi conusme less power as compare to others but it costly than Dawlance. But for under 20,000 dawlance is best as well as TCL. I have good experince with TCL and bad experince with Gree

a week or so ago i got Hair split 1.5 ton it's very gud cooling wise. We've also got a waves, superasia 1.5 ton since a few years and the waves is also good performance wise and low consumption wise.

Guys almost 60 percent of ALL SPLIT AC's are made by ONE company in China. If you can go with Mitsubishi, General, LG etc. rest almost all are the same. Try going to Makro etc and take a look yourself all condensing unis look same for the rest brands. Almost all have there name pasted as "stickers". So going with the cheap one really does not matter

Hello bro's

i need info regarding AC's.My friend who is using dawlance is pretty satisfied with the performance but i have heard from other people that its not good.

Which company is the best in your opinion.

1. Mitsubishi is the best, they are the world leader in air-conditioning systems (BUT EXPENSIVE)

2. Haier, they use Mitsubishi Compressor (LESS EXPENSIVE)

Try acron. It is less expensive than mitsubishi but cool just as well

go for Mitsubishi expensive but best one, u will spend money only for one time it consumes less electricity and fantastic results , i have compared mitsubshi 1 ton with haier 1.5 ton , mitsubishi 1 ton is better than haier 1.5 tons

Thanks a lot guys for replies.

But to be honest mitsbishi 1.5 ton is out of my range.

I am just trying to choose between Haier,Dawlence,Orient,Gree etc

what about acron?any one else tried it?

Stay away from Orient.....pc of crap...i had it for a year and regretted it after 6 months of usage....got rid of it and went with Mitsubishi and am very satisfied now.

original general (made in Thailand and comes with the brand name O-general) is the best in all a/c cooling is superb but heavy on electric consumption , i have both brands in my home mitsu and general but cooling wise no comparison , general is the best.