Speedtouch Router 585(v)6 for PTCL DSL

I have Speedtouch Router 585v6 which I had used with Micronet broadband in Islamabad. Now I am in Karachi have subscribed to PTCL DSL Service and want to use the Speedtouch router. I have checked the internet and cant find configuration for the router to connect with PTCL DSL. Therefore please help mewhat should I choose for the following configuration of Speedtouch 585v6 to connect with PTCL DSL service.

1- Service type? Router or Bridge

2- VPI/VC = In the previous replies in this forum they state the following settings


VCI=103 (For Copper wire)

In the setting of the Speedtouch router there is no way to choose the above settings The setting are in between 0 - 8.83 or something. So what do I choose?

3- Connection? PPP over Atm or PPP over Ethernet

Kindly let me know what setting should I choose for the above.

Thanks in advance

Don't make same threads,this is out of role of this forum

i think i answered u this in the DSL PROBLEM/Query thread

dude I have a Sagem USB Modem, just like the speedtouch one, in its setup there is no option for vpi vci 0 /103

but for that what I did was that I editted the setup.ini file and made a new entry in it, and then the setup got the option of vpi/vci 0/103

and it worked awsum

thats probably what u need to do

and yeah use service type router, vpi/vci 0/103 and PPPoE