Speech Needed

i want to download Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi's speech.If any one knows a working site for downloading or Link plz reply.i want ALLAH KON HAI speech

theres a website which was invented some years ago it can show you all the desired results ,like if you want to find a word "school " you will type "school" and then hit enter it will display all desired results the websit name is "Google" you can view this website by typing this into URl url is basically a adress to any website you can type at top of page where you typed "wiredpakistan.com " type there "www.google.com " then type there in google post bar "Maulana Haq Nawaz Allah kon hai "

i hope you will find results [;)]

Or if you don't get the above theme try this link instead Click Here

wow couple of so called geeks trying to teach me bout google.You guys make me laugh roflmao nice try tho......better luck next time....any 1 with a serious answer...

google cant help me find these

hmmm yahoo or live search? :D