Special Keyboard, Mouse & Remote for HTPC Users ** Don't MISS IT **

I want to sell this

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Its Great for the People who have connected there COMPUTER with BIG LCDs for WATCHING Movies, listen music watch photos. Who have HTPC Setup HomeTheatreComputer.

Like this FluxBB%20bbcode%20testhttp://www.nmediapc.com/Remote/htpckb10.jpg

For the People who download HD High Defination Blu-Ray Movies and Match on their computers which are connected to LCD TV.

Watch Photos, Browse Internet.

and Its look beautity of your living room. very small.. smaller than normal keyboard. Keyboad is builtin OPTICAL TRACKBALL.

Remote is also with builtin OPTICAL TRACKBALL for use as a MOUSE.


This Keyboard, mouse, remote COMBO or something like this is not available in PAKISTAN.

and I need it badly for my living ROOM.

so I decided to buy it from http://www.nmediapc.com/RFKB3.htm

but the price of this is 80USD Combo + SHIPPING TO PAKISTAN via DHL is 50USD + Payment sending charging 10USD TOTAL 140USD. INTO PKR 11200. so it will be very much EXPENSIVE.

So I decided to Order 2pcs which will be cost me 70+70USD + 50USD shipping + 10USD TOTAL 200USD for 2pcs INTO PKR 16000 divided into two = 8000each.

So it will be save money for both me and buyer.

If anyone interested can contact me via SMS or call 0300-5000285


But I can deal with persons in KARACHI, LAHORE, PESHAWAR beucase I Have my bussiness Partners there. and I have my Own bussiness Branch in LAHORE,


A. Wahab

Anyone Interested???