Speakers for PS3

I need to buy a few speakers or headphones for the PS3 really basic ones but with decent enough sound quality. The Audio comes from the AV cable so i need Speakers which have input ports for AV cable's sound. Any suggestions ?

I am using Cambridge Soundworks Playworks PS2000 Digital with my PS3 and quite satisfied with it.

Its compact & packs a punch. Supports both digital & analog inputs.

Bought it for Rs 3500 almost year & a half back. Don't know how much it is now.

Oh, Where'd you buy it from ?

Ummm...there is this shop near Naheed Super Market called Computer Zone. I bought it from there. I think I have seen it though in other shops in either Zamzama OR Uni centre/Techno City area (can't remember the shop names though).

Here is a link with specs.