Sound from my bluetooth enabled laptop to my Home Audio System

I need a solution about my Laptop which has a Bluetooth in it to transmit all the sounds from my laptop to my conventional home audio system wirelessly. Either via Bluetooth or Wifi. I have also installed a Linksys broadband router. Any solutions .........

ok that's a good start check that whether your router support upnp devices and you have to make sure that your audio system has that function in it too, otherwise this method won't help you after enabling the function through your audio system and checking the router configuration about upnp and enabling it in case if it is disabled install HOME MEDIA SERVER a great software for upnp devices for sharing your data among your supported devices and stream your supported media files via your router to any upnp supported device..


you said you have a bluetooth,this method is more easier get a bluetooth cassette from the market you will get one easily ,place the cassette in your system's cassette player and just push the play button now come to your laptop discover that cassette and pair with it now you can steam to that cassette it act's as a headset you can even use your mobile's bluetooth to stream the audio files to your audio system. this method can be applied to almost every cassette player that is in the market....

upnp=universal plug and play

Thank you so much arsalanehsan

Any other solution than cassette. I have heard that there are some bluetooth audio gateways which transmits sound over bluetooth just like a bluetooth handsfree. On the reciever end it has a bluetooth reciever and output jack for home audio. Any idea about that

See what i have googled

Any idea that something like this is available in lahore