Sony Vaio built-in speaker failure

The right built-in speaker of my sony laptop(VGN-NS 10L)is not working?what could be the reason for this sudden failure? Also how can i fix it?

Driver problems, muted it somehow, maybe some wire is broken, maybe the speakers broke, it could be caused in many ways, you should get it checked out from some sony shop, ones which would not void the warranty if the laptop is opened.

I ve already checked that,there are no driver problems.And i am still wondering why only the right speaker stopped wroking?????The issue is tht i got it from UK and its still in warranty but as u guys know the international warranty doesnt cover pakistan so obviously i cannot make use of this warranty.Actually the moment it happened i was watching a video on Youtube n turned the volume to its full which i guess was beyond its capacity.What do guys say abt it.?And plz let me know wat else can i do besides taking it to sony authorized shop.?

^ As it is only the right speaker then it is not a software/drivers problem, it is a hardware problem. The only way to fix it is to open the laptop and fix/replace the hardware. It will void warranty if not done by authorized Sony repair center. I would recommend you call Sony UK and tell them the problem and ask them if there is any authorized repair center in Pakistan that can fix your problem without you losing the warranty.

Speakers can fail sometime, you must have had a defective part to begin with. Normally running the laptop's built-in speakers at full volume does not harm them, as even at full volume the power delivered by the laptop to the speakers is not much.

Thank you for ur response.Actually the video i was watching was downloaded from youtube.n i was watching it in media player classic(k lite).i turned the master volume of my laptop and media player to its full as it was quite loud outside and i wasnt using xternal speakers or headphones which i normally do.Now,the thing which went wrong in my opinion is tht i also turned on the equilizer in media player classic (ffd audio decoder properties) n raised the level of vocals ,bass n treble n right after i did that, i heard weird distortion in my speakers n one of them stopped working :( .. i never messed with the settings of this incompatible retarded software before ,so i wasnt familier with the consequences i had to face. u may try this on ur normal external speakers that its bass e.t.c is so immensly ful that even ur good quality external speakers cant handle it .. this is the whole scenaro plz guys come up with some more suggestions that may help me in fixing my laptop :(

i appreciate ur feedback once again .

Sound quality of built-in laptop speakers is not acceptable in anyway. One solution can be usb powered speakers. These portable speakers have good loud sound and are also very cheap, thanx to china.

Even if speakers of laptop are working properly, usb speakers are recommended.